New Video : World’s Second Worst Scientist

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  1. Noel Herron says:

    She is one of the lice that Sucks the life’s blood out of people , a trickster a grubby wee opportunists exploiting fear and weakness for gain. Snake oil pusher!

  2. Windsong says:

    What Dr. Hayhoe may not be aware of is the National Interagency Fire Center will now collect fire statistics from just about any agency that owns a fire truck. Depending on the state, federal agencies, military branches, state forestry agencies, city and county fire departments/districts. A lot of incentive to report every fire possible; more fires justify bigger budgets, more equipment, etc. And the minimum size needed to report: .1 (1/10) acre, or ~4500 square feet. (Even worse in Canada, .01 hectare.) But Katharine should ask exactly what is burning? Timber, watershed, an USAF bombing range, or a vacant city lot overrun with cheat grass?

  3. Fairthorpe says:


    Be prepared to be ‘debunked’ on your claim that Katherine Hayhoe cherry picked 1983 as a start date for her burn acreage graph.

    Just as NOAA and NASA are destroying or falsifying all historical temperature data, so is the federal government about to do the same for the burn acreage data before 1983.

    The National Interagency Fire Center has taken the first step in data destruction by stating on their website*, “Prior to 1983, sources of these figures are not known, or cannot be confirmed, and were not derived from the current situation reporting process. As a result the figures prior to 1983 should not be compared to later data.”

    So, all Katherine has to do is say, “See what a phony Tony is? All that extreme high burn acreage data is completely speculative, and unreliable. I simply am applying good science in dismissing it as recommended by the experts on the matter. Something Tony never does with his half-baked, off the handle, completely unsubstantiated “research”.”

    Of course, their next step will be to simply delete all pre-1983 burn acreage data.

    It might be a good research project to find out just how all the pre-1983 burn acreage data sources all of a sudden became “unknown” at EXACTLY the low point in the data set.

  4. Fairthorpe says:

    Here is the website link to the quote about pre-1983 burn acreage being unreliable and unusable:

    • D. Boss says:

      You know…. The “enemy” isn’t just asinine “scientists” like Hayhoe, but also the bloat of bureaucrats too. It was likely a bureaucrat who came up with the “new situation reporting process” stated in the link of the post above.

      This reporting process used as a cudgel to discount anything prior to when this new reporting protocol occurred.

      Tony counters this kind of nonsense by digging up countless newspaper, magazine, and even actual quotes from science or other authority figures from the past – corroborating the data that has been discounted, hidden or erased.

      Common sense dictates that those in the past, whose very lives and livelihoods rested on things like accurate temperature logs, or reporting of fire acres burned – would not be so careless as they are made out to be by the real “deniers” – the climate change cultists.

      Having the bureaucrats make some arbitrary rule about past data verity, allows the scientists who use the “adjusted” data to have some plausible deniability should they ever get called out – say in a court of law. “Oh it wasn’t me who changed the data your honor, it was a mindless bureaucrat”.

      The pervasiveness of the Cult is vast and wide….

      • Fairthorpe says:

        In time, all historical data which proves these evil people wrong, and Tony correct, will disappear. The electronic record will be erased; the microfiche from which the OCR searchable database was generated will be cut from the filmstrips and destroyed; the original newspapers, where they still exist will be stolen and burned.

        There is legal precedent that a copy is not evidence without access to the original. Unofficial archival copies will be branded as fakes.

        These are conscienceless, hateful, soleless people, absent and incapable of love, compassion, or empathy. It is hard to believe they have children, if any do.

        What they don’t seem to realize is that history, and of course the climate, will eventually show them to be the worthless frauds they are. Their entire lives wasted, meaningless, worthless.

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