4089 Days Until The End Of The Planet

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  1. Martin says:

    Having been told by AOC that the world will categorically end in twelve years time (“Not eleven, not thirteen”), I have decided to cash out my pension fund as I apparently will not be needing it. I intend to spend the remaining years (now nearer eleven) touring the planet to witness first hand all that we are about to lose. Naturally I will be flying first class and staying in five star hotels. No pockets in shrouds!!

    My wife isn’t very happy about my plans – but as I keep telling her 97% of scientists and President Obama can’t be wrong on this. She was eventually won over by the idea of first class travel and five star luxury.

    Ps – I’m so glad I wasn’t one of the idiots who fell for Harold Camping’s nonsense !!

  2. Robert Gipson says:

    Tony, in your video “Forest Fires 145 Years Ago,” here are three other fires you might have mentioned:

    The 1871 Peshtigo, Wisconsin fire;
    The 1894 Hinkley, Minnesota fire;
    The 1910 Idaho-Montana forest fire.

    Geologist Randall Carlson excellently documents these in a fascinating youtube:


    The only flaw in Carlson’s otherwise excellent presentation is his belief, interspersed throughout, that the fires were caused by comets or meteors. Which they were not. They were caused by the usual suspects: the deadly combination of extreme dry conditions and high winds–which will do it every time. If you can ignore Carlson’s ridiculous belief of the cause of the fires, the rest of his presentation does an excellent job of documenting the actual facts surrounding the fires. You can stop watching at (disregard everything beyond) 19:45, at which point Carlson—sadly—departs from the facts and plunges into his “cosmic” diatribe.

    The Peshtigo Fire was the worst fire in recorded history, consuming large swaths of northern Wisconsin in a matter of hours. As Carlson points out, three other mega-fires raged in the same region on the very same day, and during the very same hours, including the Great Chicago Fire—the largest city fire in US history—200 miles from Peshtigo. Leading one to speculate that perhaps Mrs. Oleary’s cow got a bum rap. The Peshtigo and other forest fires in the region that day generated a number of tornadoes of solid fire (firenadoes) that skipped around capriciously over the countryside, each one shooting out super-hot balls of fire for thousands of feet, contagiously spreading new fires. Hence it’s not difficult to see how they might have caused the Chicago Fire. A similar but much smaller firenado occurred last year (2018) in the Camp Fire in Paradise, California; it’s on Youtube. Firenadoes generate ridiculous temperatures, sufficient to melt metal and explode rocks, as they act precisely like blast furnaces: The high-speed vortex of the (fire) tornado sucks air in from all around to compression-feed the fire with air, such that temperature and forced pressure are so high that, as in a jet engine (and atom bombs), atmospheric nitrogen burns with the oxygen. Which doesn’t happen in normal fires.

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