Climate Scientists Reaping What They Sowed

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7 Responses to Climate Scientists Reaping What They Sowed

  1. No Sharia says:

    She needs a stash for movember… that would be perfect.

  2. James Snook says:

    Brilliant piece Tony.

    Pandora’s box, can of worms, whatever you wish to call it, activist scientists created and opened it and now they are suffering the consequences. As you rightly say, the cult that jumped out of the box doesn’t need their ‘facts’ anymore it. It has a life of its own and is busy looking for the ducking stools.


  3. Brian D says:

    Tony, get ready for Youtube to cancel your acct. They changed terms for suspension and termination that will give them more legal cover. If they determine an acct isn’t commercially viable as per their reasoning (which can be anything they dream up) , then they will close, or suspend it. Heard this yesterday on other Youtuber channels. The harlot of Babylon is spreading here vial ever more and propping up her truth as gospel. Persecution and death to everyone else who doesn’t comply.

  4. KR Wolf says:

    Excellent. Concise and nailed it.
    Will share this.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Excellent video. I was a child when global cooling was the fear mongering of the day back in the 70’s and even then I didn’t buy it because I knew at that age how the earth and the climate work because of my interest in Dinosaurs. I knew the earth was super hot back in the Jurassic period and super cold in the Pleistocene Epoch. It wasn’t to hard to figure out that the earth is always changing. The demagogues that preach the horrors of climate change are doing it because as we all know, Money. Christiana Figueres from the UN actually admitted that the global warming issue is not about the climate it is about destroying Capitalism. The “scientist” Preachers are getting paid millions to assist the UN in their completely evil globalist plan.

  6. rah says:

    I personally like it when the kooks come out. Much easier to deal with directly than academia preaching from on high from their Ivory towers.

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