Appreciate Your Support

I’ve been working full time on climate research without pay for almost three months, and am running out of money and time to work on climate.  The generous support I have received via donations has kept me going so far.

If you like the work I am doing and want to see it continue, please show your support by donating at the PayPal button on the upper right corner of the blog.  I would prefer to not have to return to the engineering workplace, but it is starting to look like I may have to do that.

At this critical time I would much prefer to devote all of my energies to climate.

Thanks, Tony

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37 Responses to Appreciate Your Support

  1. John Tice says:

    Hi Tony,

    I’ve followed your work for several months. I’m amazed at how you do it.

    I’ve set up a recurring $10/mo–it’s all I can afford right now. Keep up the good work.

    Somehow the money got sent out before I could add a message.

    Best of luck and keep it up!

    PS I enjoy your photos.

  2. Vegieman says:

    Tony, Thank you for your work. The paypal button did not work properly – I got a message that there was a “problem” and that I should try again later. I contacted Paypal and they told me there was not a problem with my account. I alternatively logged into my Paypal account and made payment to your gmail address. Same result I hope, just a little more hassle. Thanks again.

  3. another Jim says:

    Pay pal is not working, or is blocking you.
    Do you have a PO Box or address so I can send a check?
    To whom should the check be written?
    If you would rather that Goolag not handle the mail, would you prefer proton mail?

  4. Cody says:

    Hey Tony, sign up for a SubscribeStar account. They won’t pull a Patreon and ban your account for going against what the Politburo deems as the opinion you’re supposed to have.

    • Cody says:

      Forgot to note, even Paypal has shut people’s accounts for wrongthink. Subscribestar does direct deposit to your bank so you can be safe if Paypal tried to censor.

  5. Matthew says:

    Can’t afford too much, but I sent what I could. Your work is invaluable.

  6. elak says:

    Thank you Sir!
    You are a champion of Science.
    $20 monthly is well deserved!

  7. arn says:

    Tony,i just watched your new video on youtube.
    There is no link,no nothing
    for donations below the vid.
    As your youtube channel receives far more comments than your website
    the traffic there is probably 100* higher,
    Don’t waste this potential.

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Tony,

    Can you please provide a link to the data (particularly the raw data) you used for this post?

    Just trying to figure out exactly the calculations you used to arrive at your conclusions.


  9. billtoo says:

    done. money well spent. thank you for your efforts

  10. Bru92 says:

    Also done. A lot of bang for the buck.

  11. Alan Lowey says:

    Hi Tony, I desperately need your support too. I’ve found a logical error in Skeptical Science and have pursued it well until the moderators decided I was doing TOO well. You can see the posts by tapping the Comments tab. Poster MA Rodgers has given a clearly false rebuttal and I feel the evangelical Christian site has logged me out permanently because they are scared. See my posts under Alan Lowey before they get swept away.

  12. jafa says:

    Tony, I have made a Debian, Ubuntu, Mint instruction file and update script that sets up your GHCN app.

    It’ll probably work on most other Linuxes that use Bash and have Python3 V3.6

    It’s yours, if you’re interested. Email me,


  13. Chris Bradley says:

    Tony, if it were possible to establish your research/company as a non-profit, I could really help you out.

  14. GREG DARBY says:

    Hello Tony, as a long time follower and subscriber I was saddened to hear that finances have become somewhat tight. Whilst I am but a humble truck driver from Down Under, I consider your research and videos vital in the fight against the madness of climate change. I’m happy to donate monthly to continue to get the information that we on “The Dark Side” have been able to enjoy for free until now. I consider my donation not only well spent but also an investment in our combined futures. Real data cannot be ignored forever, the message will continue to grow and penetrate. My thanks and kind regards for what you do Tony.

  15. Jafadmin says:

    Tony, I have made this script/Howto for Linux folks.

    Take a look at it. It’s yours free to use


  16. John S says:

    Hey Tony,

    I recently discovered your channel and website in searching for sources surrounding the counter-culture of “climate change” alarmist science. I’m working on a research paper attempting to address the phenomenon of climate change, the history, the manipulation and falsifying of data to support the narrative, the inevitable truth of it (not happening), and who actually benefits from lying and manipulating data to scare billions of people into rolling over for whatever legislation is demanded to “stem the crisis”.

    The last point is what has me stumped. The easy answer is “people who want a one-world-government”, but I don’t know if it’s that simple. Based off what you have researched, who do you think stands to benefit the MOST from creating a myth of a man-induced death of the planet?


    • Mark says:

      I’m not Tony, but I think the answer to your question is simply all politicians and/or those in power. The more enemies they can identify the more control we are willing to give them.

  17. John Zorn says:

    Thanks for all you do to shed light on this topic – the Donate link worked fine. If you think its worth your effort, I’d appreciate your insights on this video claiming a scientific link between CO2 and the earth’s temperature, while marginalizing other factors frequently cited as important by man-induced climate change skeptics. Best wishes for success.

  18. Tim says:

    Hi Tony
    Unfortunately I have no spare money at the moment. I am a pensioner and can barely pay my bills (in Australia, the electricity bill is outrageous). I do appreciate your U-tube videos, and I try to distribute the links, but I often get abusive responses on Facebook from people I always thought would be more open to ideas (and science).
    I hope you find additional funding and keep doing the sort of research that should be done by universities and Governments…but for reasons you have made clear, probably w0n’t be.

  19. Douglas Holub says:

    Thanks for what you’re doing, Tony. I watch all of your videos. You mentioned in one of your videos a peer reviewed study published in June that concluded that sea levels are not rising. This is the kind of documentation that non-scientists need to defend their belief that there is no climate emergency. I was watching an Australian talk show this week in which two politicians were discussing climate change. The moderator was grilling the “climate denier” about his belief that the revisions that the Australian government had made to their historical temperature record were not correct. The politician was struggling to defend his position because his background was in accounting. I think it would be extremely helpful for the economies of the world if you and some colleagues would write scientific, peer reviewed papers which demonstrate the fallacies in the the arguments government agencies are using to make revisions to historical temperature records. You probably couldn’t find any scientific journals who would publish the papers, but today, who needs a magazine? Publish them online for climate realists all over the world to use to defend their positions.

  20. Charlotte S Welcker says:

    Hey Tony! Appreciate all your hard work! I just made a donation, and was glad to do it, however I noticed there was no other option but to go through PayPal. Please consider also making an account with another company in addition to Paypal because Paypal is infamous for pulling accounts if people’s beliefs conflict with PayPal’s very liberal philosophy. Thanks again and God Bless!

  21. Charlotte S Welcker says:

    Oops! Sorry for that huge image attached to my previous comment. I thought I was uploading an avatar. LOL! And I don’t know how to delete it. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  22. Charlotte S Welcker says:

    Tony, so glad to see your YouTube channel hit 50k subs. Are you on Minds, gab, BitChute? I did a search for you on those sites and didn’t find anything. If you aren’t on those alternate platforms, please consider joining them because we all know how Youtube is prone to censorship. The bigger your channel gets, the more of a threat you are to these climate hysteria pushers and the likely YouTube will find a way to deplatform you there.

  23. Joe P says:

    “You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common: they don’t alter their views to fit the facts; they alter the facts to fit their views.” Can’t believe this is a “Dr. Who” quote but it effectively summarizes what you are working hard to overcome.
    Keep up the good work Mr. Heller! I try to catch all your posts.

  24. David Ziffer says:

    I spend about an hour a day posting links to your videos into comment threads where people are discussing climate, and in your video comments I encourage your viewers to do the same.

    Surely you’ve seen the Google videos that were leaked to Breitbart in which Google’s very top managers insinuate clearly that they are going to use Google (and YouTube) to throw the 2020 election. I’m sure you’re also aware of YouTube’s recent changes in its “terms of service”, in which YouTube can arbitrarily declare channels “not commercially viable” and therefore discard them with impunity.

    The Democrats’ entire platform consists of manufactured crises to which the Democrats are the solution, and the climate crisis is possibly their biggest one. I have little doubt that YouTube will eliminate your channel on or about December 10, after which all the links I’ve posted to all your videos will go dark. I hope you are already arranging with your Internet Presence Provider (IPP) to host your entire video library on, or some other place in which there is no leftist management running the show. And even your IPP may evict you if faced with enough pressure, so you need to be prepared to switch. But at least if you post under your own domain (, the addresses of your videos will remain the same even if you switch IPPs.

    Looking forward to a more permanent home for your videos.

  25. Karl says:

    Hi Tony,

    Could you do a video on what is going on in Australia with the bushfires? We have terrible bushfires here and many people are constantly saying it’s due to human induced climate change. Many say the fires are due to the Government not doing enough to force Australians to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions?

    They use this disaster as an excuse to push their agenda.

    The fires are primarily due to prolonged drought. It’s been dry in Eastern Australia for a few years now. Australia has had many droughts before. The native flora and fauna are evidence of this as they are adapted to survive in variable conditions. However drought is rarely mentioned when it comes to bushfire. It’s always “climate change”.

    If nothing is done there is a fair chance Australians will be forced into a lower standard of living by the State in a futile attempt to stop nature from hurting us.

    This could be a turning point. We need evidence what is happening is not due to climate change but is due to other factors that can be proved by evidence, not output from software models.

  26. Tony, I would love to support You, but I have been disabled for 13 years, denied assistance until very recently (and it is truly a pittance), am virtually destitute, and have been homeless for 10 years. Still, I yearn to help You out.

    I have been watching Your videos, and admire Your logical, critical mind. I wish everyOne was so blessed!

    You asked if a NY Times article was deliberately spewing junk or whether it was intentional. I can say for sure it was intentional – Greta did not become a “thing” organically, and there is a clear agenda attached. I think You would be interested in seeing My video (created slowly, with My arthritis and bone spurs in My thumbs) called “Planetary Problem.” (My YT channel is “Amaterasu Solar.”) I think it would give You a good picture if why it is I know the Times article was intentional…

    Love always!

  27. GW says:

    Tony, Do you have any data or posts regarding glaciers in Europe ? I have not been able to find anything on your site. My daughter is doing a report due in a few days and she needs to specifically address “retreating alpine glaciers in Europe” among other things. I actually have never seen anything about them in all the years I’ve been following the scam. Feel fre to respond to my email address if you prefer.
    Thank you,

    • GW says:

      Never mind Tony. I located the search bar on the website and the search for “glacier” yields good results.
      Thank you for all you do !

  28. Tim says:

    Hi Tony,

    Much of the “fraud” can be understood as a mixture of fair and unfair (biased) but well intended corrections. So, I think that you’re very mistaken with those accusations.
    And still I chipped in. :-)
    Why? I found your uncovering and analyses of doubtful data manipulations very helpful, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on this topic.

  29. Mark says:

    Tony, have you considered a gofundme or similar endeavor? The great thing there is if you just say you are doing “climate research” the enemy might help fund you :-)

  30. Alfonso says:

    I appreciate your work Tony. I have been diligently sharing your videos and arguing using your data and research. One of your videos I recently shared, has been set to private. Please investigate!

  31. Theron Simmons says:

    Please send me an email email to discuss lawsuit.

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