“Justice Centered Climate Policy”

Never mind all that messy science stuff. This is about re-distributing wealth.

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  1. Gator says:

    Apparently Eric the Red also finds genocide non negotiable.

    Holthaus is a joke, as described by wiki…

    Eric Holthaus (born 1981) is a meteorologist who works for the Correspondent, Grist, and former columnist for Slate and the Wall Street Journal who is known for his mentions of global climate change.

    Eric Holthaus grew up in Kansas. His writing during Hurricane Sandy resulted in a substantial following. During his career, he has advised numerous groups and individuals on coping with changing weather, including Indian military officials and Ethiopian subsistence farmers.

    He has traveled to Ethiopia in many occasions, where he does work for a climate project. On September 27, 2013, feeling that his extensive air travel was contributing to the problem, Holthaus vowed never to fly again.

    Holthaus is a co-founder of the podcast “Warm Regards” with paleoecologist Jacquelyn Gill and journalist Andy Revkin of the New York Times.

    Then there is his thesis…

    Thesis topic: The Social Justice of Weather: Hurricane Risk Management for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Curious that a devout Social Justice Warrior would fail to acknowledge the millions who needlessly starve to death annually due to alarmism, even after being on the continent at the epicenter of those deaths on “many occasions”.



    • Disillusioned says:


    • arn says:

      “Social Justice of Weather”??????

      Today E.Cherokee Warren announced her “Gender Affirming,culturally competent healthcare”

      It seems they can pull out any nonsense out of their butts.
      As long as it looks smart and philantrophic.(and i’m pretty sure gender affirming is code word for “hormon blocking&trans mutilation,especially for kids”

  2. Ed Bo says:

    Here’s the thing. We use fossil fuels because they are by far the least expensive and most reliable sources of energy. Any move to restrict or eliminate their use will drive up the cost of energy. This burden will inevitably fall hardest on the poor. So folks like Eric are pursuing policies with exactly the opposite effect of what they claim to advocate. We must keep driving this point home.

  3. Winston says:

    What does this tweet even mean?

  4. Tel says:

    I support the concept of negotiating … I was planning to negotiate … but he seems uninterested.

    Oh well. *shrug*

    My goal today and every day: to enjoy my life, to ignore and thwart the dimwits who want to rule over me, help out my family and friends where I can, and to understand truth as best and I can recognize it not allowing anyone to put their BS into my head.

  5. Petit_Barde says:

    Actually, as for climate change, the greening of the sub Saharian region since 40 years is way better than the consequences of the neo eco fascism bullshit that this clown and other usefull idiots spout all year long.

    Nowhere in the World one needs the fake justice policy of this clown, especially when this nonsense is used as a pretext by Malthusian agencies (World Bank, UN, etc.) to block power plant projects all over the Third World just because they are fossil fuel based.


    • Steven Fraser says:

      Made me think f something useful that Bill Gates could do…

      Start a commercial bank for funding just that… nation-scale power systems.

  6. Theyouk says:

    By changing the discussion to ‘justice-centered policy’ they are skirting any actual discussion of the science—truly locking it into being ‘settled’, and now just meting out the moral obligations. Mann said his new book goes in this direction too.

    It is a ploy to secure the support of anyone who self-identifies as ‘marginalized’. Sant Greta’s face will be on t-shirts sold alongside those sporting Che Guevara.

    • Gator says:

      True justice can only be meted out on an individual basis. Leftists are not interested in actual justice, and the fact that their lips are moving proves that they are lying once again.

      As Winston and Squidly pointed out above, his tweet is unintelligible to rational human beings. It is just a dog whistle for the insane, and useful idiots.

  7. Gummans Gubbe says:

    It is the largest transfer of wealth in history. From the poorest people on this planet to the richest. “Collecting as much wealth as possible in as few hands as possible” as Rothschild said in 1891.

  8. Simon Hodges says:

    Hi Tony

    I see Mallen Baker has done another video debunking you as a climate conspiracy theorist denying the claims and evidence of thousands of ‘climate scientists’.


    It seems to me that all climate scientists and their models are reliant on the ‘data’ and that ‘data’ seems to be owned and controlled by a ridiculously small amount of people. As there are five data sets regularly referred to, I think that UAH data is interpreted by Dr Roy Spencer and Dr John Christy and RSS data is interpreted by Dr. Carl Mears. Could you let me know who is responsible for interpreting the other 3 data sets? Seeing that so few people are managing and interpreting such data is hardly a globalist conspiracy of hundreds of climate scientists who directly rely upon the source data.

  9. Robert Gipson says:

    Gummans Gubbe is exactly right. This is about redistribution of wealth, but not the jaded notion of “from the rich to the poor.” It’s about eliminating the poor altogether, along with much of the middle class, so that the ultra-rich may increase their dominion over the earth. So, whenever you hear the AGW hacks make a Freudian slip and say (as they have in the past) that “even if the science is wrong” ‘we still need to carry out our holy agenda’ because ‘it will help the poor’ …well, whenever they say that, remember that they are lying about that just like they are lying about AGW. They intend to kill all of the poor. They intend to crush real scientific advancement. They fear whatever they can’t control.

  10. MGJ says:

    Did his tweet have any content whatsoever?
    Was it written in any known language?
    Is he a known substance abuser?
    Is there a translation available for any anglophones?

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