Fighting Superstition And Fear With Facts

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6 Responses to Fighting Superstition And Fear With Facts

  1. Hello, Tony, there was a report on CNN and every other network including Canada that 11000 climate scientists agreed ”untold suffering” from climate change. There were 400 Canadians on that original list. When I Facebooked them or found them on LinkedIn to my not surprise they were from all walks of life except climate scientists. Some were even on welfare. Teachers, tradesmen, medical professionals everything but. Could you use software to check and identify the 1100o break it down unto basic groups then give a statistical breakdown of how many were actual climate experts. This got a be the biggest lie yet and easy to debunk. Your work is great btw ”keep your stick on the ice we’re all in this together” Red Green Canadian comedian

  2. PatrickH says:

    Out of all the nonsense perpetuated by this Global Warming crap, its the brainwashing of our children that bothers me most. Although I have had a few laughs from that snarling young woman; so many have joked and made fun of her in various ways, its truly sad to see the effects of this abuse. And it is child abuse.
    Keep making videos Tony, great work!

  3. gareth says:

    What is the reason for “January to October” temperatures?
    What is filtered out by excluding November & December?

    (Keep up the good work)

  4. John says:

    I have some questions relating to historical data in the USA/Canada.
    What was the winter of 62-63 like, colder or warmer?
    What was the summer of 1963 like, cooler or warmer?

    What were the winters of 75-76 & 76-77 like, colder or warmer?
    What was the summer of 1976 like, cooler or warmer?

    Were there great swathes of the country experiencing temperatures above or below average for these specific periods?

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