“Hottest In Three Million Years”

This guy says the Arctic autumn is hottest in three million years, so I pointed out that Arctic sea ice growth this month has been fourth highest on record.

He responded by blocking me. Then he unblocked me and sort of apologized.

Apparently last autumn was more than three million years ago.

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29 Responses to “Hottest In Three Million Years”

  1. Gamecock says:

    We had no thermometers in the Arctic three million years ago. Not many even now.

    5.5 million square miles, with virtually no measurements.

    Steenbergen pretends to know the unknowable.

    Note the hyperbole of language: ‘hottest.’ In the Arctic. Warmest would hardly apply. True that “least coldest” is awkward.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      You gotta love the crazies like Kris who can call the arctic “hottest” at -15 to -25 C …. they obviously don’t spend a whole lot of time outside at -15 to -25 ;-)
      What Kris shows aren’t even real temps but are the forecast for next Friday Nov 22nd and it looks like the forecast was made on Nov 7th if I’m reading it correctly.
      With record early Nov cold in the eastern part of North America expect to see all sorts of (as Gator said) BATSHIT crazy stuff to confuse the mouth breathers about GLO-BULL warming.

  2. Norilsk says:

    If he apologized, you’ve won him.

  3. Gator says:

    Kris is a complete nutter. I found him on XR websites, and Bernie Sanders retweeted his crap. If Bernie is endorsing your thoughts, you are batcrap crazy.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    “Steenbergen pretends to know the unknowable.”

    Pretending to know anything at all about the climate is a terminal illness almost every climate alarmist contracts. If they knew anything at all about the climate, they would not be alarmed.

  5. Stephen Richards says:

    Been growing by 100.000km² per day

  6. Martin says:

    Kris not so soulles after all.

  7. Andy says:

    He should have said that when the Arctic sea ice extent is going from such a low base then it will inevitably had a huge increase to get up the norm, as always happens.

    Fourth highest sea grown rate on record being picked as some sort of meaningful stat is a sign of desperation in the Arctic this year when it comes to stats …

    The Arctic sea ice extent trend is still going down !!!!



    No matter about atlantic modes that clutching at straws people on here say… that’s poppycock…


  8. Steve says:

    Maybe his map was from one of his models … they obviously carry more weight than real data

  9. GeologyJim says:

    Note once again these scam-artists only know how to speak in “anomalies”, which conveniently avoids having to name the actual thermometer readings

    Because the actual temps are frikken frigid in the arctic winter, as all true scientists recognize.

    They try to pull the same bullshi* using averages, for example:

    High desert site will run 100F daytime high, 50F nighttime low – daily average 75F

    Tropical site will run 85F daytime high, 65F nighttime low – daily average 75F

    Are these sites climatically equivalent? Hell no. And Urban Heat Island effect will be “much larger” in the desert site than the tropical site because it largely affects the overnight lows

    Keep calling out this “Three-Card Monte” scam, Tony!

  10. Phil. says:

    Claiming that the DMI N80 is much colder than last autumn is a stretch, in fact as of now it’s significantly higher than last year.

    According to DMI the last three years have had the hottest autumns in their record, seems likely to continue:

    • Gator says:

      Is it “hotter” than any time in the past three million years? No stretch there?

      Your anti-human alarmist advocacy could not be more transparent. Maybe it’s time for you to move on. I hear XR needs more useful idiots for their clown costumes.

    • rah says:

      Thanks for proving you can’t read a simple graph Phil. The summer temps of 18 and 19 peak barely above the 1958-2002 mean in a couple places. Anyone can see by that DMI graph that it’s not the summer temps that are significantly higher than the mean but the winter temps. And yet those winter temps are still well below freezing. Now go back to the bar and commiserate about the coming end of the world over some more drinks with your fatalist buddies and leave us sober folks alone.

      • Phil. says:

        Actually rah Tony was referring to autumn temperatures and that’s what I addressed, never mentioned summer. It appears that you are the one with the reading problem.

        • Gator says:

          Still refusing to address the real issue I see. Hottest in three million years?

          Thanks for the own goal Phail, you continue to illustrate for everyone the dishonesty of you and your alarmist buddies, making you our useful idiot. Clown on!

          • Phil. says:

            I’m addressing Tony’s misstatements on his website, if I wanted to address the other guy’s I’d do it on his site not here.

          • Gator says:

            So Phail, I don’t ever see you “addressing” daily misstatements by alarmists. So that clearly makes you just another transparent shill for the anti-human alarmists. IOW, you proactively support genocide, by supporting alarmism that robs resources from those who truly need them.

            If you were actually interested in correcting misstatements, you would be an equal opportunity corrector. But you are not. Intellectual dishonesty is your SOP. You must be so proud!

          • Phil. says:

            Gator says:
            November 18, 2019 at 4:36 pm
            So Phail, I don’t ever see you “addressing” daily misstatements by alarmists.

            Gator you have no idea what I post elsewhere and since you can’t address the points raised you resort to Ad hominem attacks.
            Kindly explain what is dishonest about the following:
            “According to DMI the last three years have had the hottest autumns in their record, seems likely to continue:”

          • Gator says:

            Phail, I know for a fact that you do not constantly pester alarmists about their BS with your petty whining, because you would have posted links, so top lying. Nobody is buying your BS, you are not half as intelligent as you think you are.

            When I point out that you are a shill for anti-human alarmists, that is not an ad hominem attack, it is pointing out your very deceptive and aberrant behavior, not an attack on who you are.

            When I point out that you are a useful idiot for anti-human alarmists, again that is not an ad hominem attack, it is again pointing out your aberrant behavior.

            Dishonesty, and lying, have many forms, and the form you use most often is the lie of omission, leaving out the pertinent details that completely change the scenario. Instead of agreeing with Tony’s post, you try to undermine what he is saying by picking nits.

            You could prove me wrong by showing us all links to your daily nit picks of alarmist BS like what Kris posted on his twit feed. Or could you? LOL

            Once again, everyone here knows that you have zero objectivity, that you do not care how many poor brown people you have to starve to death to get your way, and that you have zero interest in actually correcting errors.

            Kindly explain what is dishonest about the following:

            “We’re heading into the hottest Arctic Fall season in 3M years.”

            Again, you are nowhere near as clever as you think you are.

  11. Gary Seymour says:

    The harder you throw a ball at a wall, the faster it comes back to you. You’re a goose if you think that rebound speed is a reassuring statistic. And given the noise in the arctic sea ice area record, a two week period is just plain foolish. Silly goose.

  12. The Other Brad says:

    Here is a story from a local news station. Maybe you should contact the reporter and see if he will bring you on.


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