New Video Game : “Where’s Greta?”

Greta Thunberg is saving the planet by not flying on one of the tens of thousands of commercial plane flights today. Your job in this game is to find the multi-million dollar diesel powered yacht she is travelling on.

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  1. G W Smith says:

    Are you mocking this gallant crusader’s message to save us all from certain death and annihilation?

    • arn says:

      There already was one in the Outer limits series
      in 1963.

      Scientist try to create a one world government
      with a fake alien threat(co2) invasion(Greta) that starts at?
      UN building.

      This idea was later copied by the watchmen comics and climate science.

  2. Heaven1134 says:

    I think I found her. She’s on her way to China with a stop off in India.

  3. Andy says:

    I’m not sure it is a multi million dollar yacht to be fair. I stumbled across La Vagabond years back when they had just bought it on a whim out of some med port. They then lost the dingy …. amateurs. To be fair they learnt the ropes and managed to sail across the Atlantic with the help of some german who knew what he was doing.

    They have both become better sailor and been successful on youtube to uprate to a catamaran and have a baby! I can’t complain about that. Now they are transferring Greta back, just with a professional lady yachtswoman just in case it seems.

    I’m sure it will do their youtube channel no harm…..

    November is tricky for the Atlantic but they have one one depression to cope with so that is ok.


    • Scissor says:

      It’s an ~$750k boat. Also, even though it has two 30 HP diesel engines, its tank only holds 88 gallons. I suppose they could be planning to stop in Bermuda for refueling.

      In any case, this link shows their position and speed.

      I doubt that Greta will make it to the opening of the meeting.

    • Windsong says:

      Andy, I see as of 7:00 pm EST Saturday the NHC “Yellow X’d” an area at 55W on the Tropical Weather Outlook map that may move toward Bermuda in a few days. Low probability, but I hope she packed some Dramamine just in case.

    • Thaipixie says:

      Two depressions actually… you forgot Greta!!

  4. ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N says:

    That’s hilarious AND true.. :)

  5. Robert Gipson says:

    I see her… she’s in Buckingham Palace.

    Incidentally, it hasn’t escaped my attention that the planet’s ultra-elite—who’ve ardently advocated population reduction for a the better part of a century, and have from decade to decade-to-decade proffered different, shifting justifications for population reduction—have recently settled upon farcical AGW as their latest justification. Just one example, David Attenborough, who’s been hawking for population reduction for decades, is now heartily endorsing AGW as his latest cause de celeb. Dear David was also a longtime supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which has long supported eliminating large portions of humanity. The WWF was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who also founded the Bildebergs. A prominent past WWF president (which has changed its name to protect the guilty) was Prince Phillip, consort of Queen Elizabeth. Dear Phillip was known for his appetite for (among other things) shooting helpless wildlife for fun.

    Another long-time advocate of killing off humanity in one way or another was John D. Rockefeller. Hmm… probably just coincidence that the Rockefeller Foundation underwrites most of the AGW scam. And that Al Gore (of Occidental Petroleum) was the protégé of Armand Hammer (of Occidental Petroleum), who was Rockefeller’s oil man in Stalin’s Russia.

    • arn says:

      You forgot to mention that Prinz Bernhardt was a Nazi officer
      when he was young.
      +he paid WWF armed groups to fight the elephant killing ivory merchants,while in fact those people simply took over the ivory business.
      He also sold some arts for beneficial purposes.
      Later it turned out that it was a scam and that he put all the money into his own pockets.

  6. Cary Morris says:


  7. Jimmy Haigh says:

    I heard from a mate who knows the guy who owns the boat – he earned the money to buy the boat whilst working on offshore oil rigs!

  8. джеймс says:

    hasn’t she heard of the internet?

    why doesn’t she stay home and use solar powered video conferencing?

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