New Video : The Low CO2 Climate Of 1921

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  1. Terry Shipman says:

    Tony, I have related in previous posts how I originally wanted to major in physics but a lack of mathematical aptitude caused me to change my major to history. I love the study of history, especially American history. You have demonstrated, I believe, that historical evidence is a more powerful argument against warming hysteria than scientific arguments (compelling as they certainly are). The warming crowd simply can’t explain what you documented in this video, that the heat of 1921 and 1936 was higher at the same time when CO2 was lower.

    And we were told in the year 2000 that snow was a thing of the past and the science is SETTLED. Now, in 2019, we are told that warming is causing cold and snow and the science is SETTLED- in the face of record snow. As a student of history myself I can see how phony they are. I believe the study of history has been deemphasized in schools because ruling elites know what a knowledge of history can do to their arguments.

    This is the most valuable service you provide- giving people, in non-technical language, access to historical data that can be easily fact-checked. I heard Al Gore claim in a Sunday morning interview that scientists really didn’t claim a new ice age was on the way back in the late 70’s. George Will countered that he had documented it. George Will was right and history bore him out.

  2. 1921 was the driest year on record in London. rainfall was only 51 pc of average at Kew gardens. Every month of this year was below average. The previous year and the following rainfall was near normal. 1921 was also very warm, mean annual temperature was 1.6 F above average which would not be equalled again until 1949.

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