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New Video : Red Sky At Dawn

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Heatwave Of November 23, 1931

TimesMachine: Monday November 23, 1931 – On November 23, 1931 the eastern half of the US and Canada was record warm, with 80 degrees in West Virginia and temperatures over 70 degrees at far north as New Hampshire. 23 … Continue reading

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Climate Doublethink

The Ministry of Silly Ideas wants less political correctness and more “action on climate change.” Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam outraged by climate change, Hollywood PC culture

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New Video : 4078 Days Left

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New Video : The Bambi Syndrome

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One Family’s Solution To Climate Change

We all have children – this is how you can help them address the “Carbon Footprint”. After our daughter of fifteen years of age was moved to tears by the speech of Greta Thunberg at the UN the other day, … Continue reading

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New Video : The Difference Between Earth And Venus”

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Seeing CO2

Experts tell us that life can’t survive CO2 levels over 400 PPM, which makes train travel rough at 2,500 PPM. Link Greta Thunberg can see CO2, which must make it difficult to also see what she is eating on the … Continue reading

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New Video : Long And Winding Road To NCAR Alarmism

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