A Clear Signal Of Climate Fraud

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

– George Orwell

For the past 130 years, Colorado’s official record maximum temperature was 118 degrees on July 18, 1888 at Bennett.

Record Highest Temperatures by State

The state climatologist has erased that, and replaced it with a 115 degree reading from July 20 this year. He said the weather is a clear signal of climate change.

It’s Official, Colorado’s ‘Wild Weather Year’ Sets New High Temp And Hailstone Records | Colorado Public Radio

The claim is that John Martin Reservoir, east of Las Animas, Colorado was 115 degrees on July 20, 2019.  The 115 reading does not appear credible, because there is a USHCN station at Las Animas, which recorded only 107 degrees that day.

Las Animas has had 424 days over 105F since 1895, and this year’s peak of 107F was fairly average and nowhere near a record.

There is no reason to believe the 115 degree reading is legitimate, or that the 1888 record should be erased, but climate alarmists know they can rewrite history with impunity – because no one in the press will dare question the climate religion. They now take perfectly ordinary weather events, and turn them into all-time records.

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12 Responses to A Clear Signal Of Climate Fraud

  1. paul courtney says:

    The “press won’t dare” because the press don’t wanna. The press folks love the AGW meme because it’s human-caused, so they get to lecture us. There are “scientists” who are always good for a quote, so the press can pretend those guys are smarter than us, and the press is smarter than us ’cause they listen to (the ‘good”) scientists, and those who are skeptical are just hicks (probably religious, uhg). Makes the press feel superior to us hicks. If the press acted like a business they would realize the “hicks” are all potential customers (in fact, many of us used to buy the paper, right?). Instead, they insult us with no thought at all that the editor or publisher (or network exec) might require “unbiased” reporting.

  2. Bill says:

    Is there any official procedure for disputing temperature data? I know that the world’s highest temperature at Furnace Creek has been disputed and re-evaluated.

  3. Tom Abbott says:

    The Colorado state climatologist ought to be sued for defrauding the public for political purposes.

  4. steve case says:

    I left a message on Dr. Russ Schumacher’s phone 970-491-8084 alerting him to Tony’s post this morning.

  5. Anders Johnsen says:

    Hello from Greta-land,

    OT, but just wanted to say that fowarding a link to one of your very effective videos works just fine for making the winter pruning of my friend’s tree. It already looks much better.

    • Brian O'Grady says:

      Japp – skulle fungerar utmärkt här i flygskams land :)
      (Yeah that would work well here in flight shame country )

  6. Gator says:

    Found it!


    Michael Nosko of NWS Pueblo visited the station on July 24, 2019, shortly after the record temperature was set. He noted that at some point in the previous two years, the observer had poured a sandy mixture on the ground in the observation area to reduce the need for weed maintenance.

    Ever walk barefoot on the sand on a sunny day? Nuff said.

    • Vegieman says:

      Wow! Someone is desperate for a record:

      “Unfortunately, the paper charts used by the thermograph to record the temperature are only explicitly marked with values up to 110°F. (More details on the paper chart will be given below). Three different trained observers viewed the chart and agreed that the marking on the paper was 5°F above the 110°F line, and recorded the maximum temperature as 115°F. Unfortunately, the observer did not realize the possible significance of this temperature measurement, and disposed of the paper chart per their standard practice. Further communication with the observer indicated that the thermograph marking was at least up to a small red line above the 110°F marking.”

      It is clearly a foul needing to be done over. In the mean time they need to plant some flowers and bushes to pretty the station up some.

  7. DP3 says:

    As Tony has said, ice doesn’t lie but climatologists do… in this case, potatoes don’t lie either! https://spudsmart.com/potato-prices-climbing-in-wake-of-poor-growing-season/

  8. Scissor says:

    According to this story: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/07/11/july-11-holds-a-rare-high-mark-in-colorado-weather-history/

    “There was an unofficial temperature of 118°F measured just east of Denver on July 11, 1888, in the town of Bennett.

    But recent research found the reading was a transcription error when historic weather records were digitized.”

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