New Underwater Resort Opens In The Maldives

One year after authorities officially drowned the Maldives, a new resort opens up tomorrow.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

Natural Elegance – New Resort Opens in the Maldives

h/t Craig Kelly

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12 Responses to New Underwater Resort Opens In The Maldives

  1. Simon Hodges says:

    Hi Tony

    What’s your take on this report from the BBC today in which we are told that 2019 is ‘on course’ to be in the top two or three warmest years EVER.

    “Provisional figures released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) suggest this year is on course to be the second or third warmest year ever. …The organisation’s State of the Global Climate report for 2019 covers the year up to October, when the global mean temperature for the period was 1.1 degrees C above the “baseline” level in 1850.”

    Not surprising that an incomplete report on 2019 from Jan – Sept inclusive, concludes that the average in 2019 so far is 1.1 degrees C above a not entirely arbitrary ‘baseline’ level selection of 1850. When you exclude October, November and December from the annual report is that really any surprise? When you employ such exclusions then it may be possible to conclude that 2019 is ‘on course’ to one of the hottest but it is entirely dishonest to draw that conclusion.

    Don’t they have previous form in doing this sort of thing? They know 2019 is going to be colder so they get out an incomplete report now, in order to suggest 2019 is part of the warming trend when it is in fact going to show a cooling trend that shoots down the CO2 warming argument. Did you recently show that the US which is often treated as a proxy for global temperatures has just experienced the third coldest last 12 months in 120 years?


    • Vegieman says:

      We need to amp up the fear in order to achieve the goals.

      “When it comes to preventing the worst of climate change, “the point of no return is no longer over the horizon,” United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned Sunday.”

      “One of the key goals of COP25 is to strengthen commitments from the countries that are lagging behind. “In the crucial 12 months ahead, it is essential that we secure more ambitious national commitments—particularly from the main emitters—to immediately start reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a pace consistent to reaching carbon neutrality by 2050,” Guterres said at a pre-summit event.”

      On the lighter side:

    • Hey Simon,
      Head of WMO very recently reported there was no climate emergency. Shortly after he walked it back, my guess under a lot of pressure.
      Can we trust any of the major organizations at this time? Usually not is my thinking. You know the saying, “follow the money.” I say to some of my friends, “Follow the Hysteria.” The money involved in this movement is also worth following, but I just can’t be bothered, real science is convincing and climate is on our side. Need to go out and shovel again after 6″ added to yesterday’s 12+ of white global warming in western MA. Best, D

    • Nial says:

      It’s almost comical the way the BBC are pouring out what feels like comunist propaganda every day “tractor production is the highest _EVER_.”

    • Logic n reason says:

      Take any BBC report on climate change as propaganda. Debate has been stifled and only members of the cult are allowed to talk unchallenged. All articles are published as facts whereas they are normally altered data or projections or opinion. Actually the same could be said for all its news output. And we in the UK are forced to pay for it by law.

  2. kzvx says:

    But the ‘experts’ now will say “we didn’t know then what we know now”… and the ‘experts’ of the future will say the same thing about false predictions made in 2019

  3. SpiritSky says:

    If people would put as much thought into doing things legally instead of lies and scams, we would have a world full of genius’ instead of one filled with criminals.

  4. Tel says:

    It’s great that new resorts are being built, but I’m cagey about how much of my tax money has been sent over there to help them build it.

    Good luck to the little mob of scam artists … what goes around comes around … keep that karma in mind huh?

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    I am now utterly confused. Which “point” can I believe is true. First I was told we are approaching a tipping “point”. Recently I read that we had already passed TEN, tipping “points”. Now I hear about the “point”, of no return. Really, what is the point?

  6. dennisambler says:

    If you travel to the Caribbean with Virgin, you can now check in for your return flight, on the beach. That must be so dangerous with the rapidly rising sea levels :)

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