New Video : Fakest Day On Record

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  1. G W Smith says:

    Keeping the left honest, Tony! Thanks! It’s a lifetime endeavor.

  2. Fred Dismuke says:

    Immediately when I saw the AP story proclaiming a temp that beat the previous high in 2013 on Drudge I knew it was low hanging fruit for you. Even the AP story said down in the text that there was a 1960 reading of 50 .7°C/123°F recorded in Oodnadatta. I find it quite common for the “climastrologists” to contradict themselves in their own effort at sensationalism banking on the short attention span and laziness of the average reader.

  3. Peter Blackmore says:

    Tony, for your readers, the majority of Australia’s 25 million people live on the South East corner of Australia, in or around Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
    On the 17th in Sydney, I did not turn on the air-conditioner in my office because it was a lovely day – not hot. In fact, I recently commented to my wife that for the second year in a row, I had not been using the A/C from September. Spring was mostly cool, and we have had a gentle start to summer.
    Our BOM “homogenised” the records a few years ago and moved the goal-post start date to 1910, as you have pointed out. I’ll be showing you recent post on temps here before 1900 to our guest on Saturday night – they have been caught up in the mis-information surging through the media.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Peter Blackmore says:

    BTW – Bourke is pronounced berk.

  5. Aussie says:

    The BOM is totally corrupted by warming hysteria.

    When an organisation has over 40% of its measurement stations not meeting its own internal standards you would have to question any data it produces in the first place….


    Hi Tony,
    Great video. I’m in Lambton, NSW and my partner who has some expertise in Temperature is finding that the BOM is recently forcasting inflated temps relative to actual. Each day, we are 2 degrees below forecast which is new. Normally if they say 42C we used to get to that. He measures with a Whirling Sling psychrometer in the shade.
    For instance, todays forecast is for 42C on the BOM for Lambton. At 8am its only 18C – quite cold for a Summer morning here. Weather channel predicts 37C.
    Regarding our fires, there have been 100 children arrested for lighting fires, which is way more than usual. Usually only 6 kids caught doing this. Our land management policies from the Greens, have tied up more land in National Parks, which have been mis managed i.e. allowed fuel load to accumulate. Then it burns hot and destroys the vegetation and poor animals. This is deliberate and criminal. They also will not allow people to make firebreaks around their properties.
    The world has gone mad. Thank you for your voice of reason. It is so very much appreciated.

  7. Michael Spencer says:

    My mother told me that it was 117F at Moree in late November, 1938 – Springtime in Australia! Unfortunately, I remember this particularly because it was my birthday (and that gives the game away as far as I’m concerned!).

    I can also remember my mother slowly frying an egg on the kitchen table – it was baked enamel on metal, wooden frame. (I’m sure that the wood-fired stove would have helped too!)

    Just another reason to doubt 2019 claims of “hottest evah!” – especially by those sitting in air-conditioned comfort, something certainly not generally available back then ….

  8. Jeffrey Brislane says:

    Here are the “Official” heat records.

    Heat records by state Town Temperature Date
    SA Oodnadatta 50.7C January 2, 1960
    WA Mardie 50.5C February 19, 1998
    NSW Menindee 49.7C January 10, 1939
    Queensland Birdsville 49.5C December 24, 1972
    Victoria Hopetoun 48.8C February 7, 2009
    Northern Territory Finke 48.3C January 1-2, 1960
    Tasmania Scamander 42.2C January 30, 2009

    I’d like to see your take on these, i know they scrubbed out the 50c+ Bourke temperature a few years ago and i know the BoM discredits data from stevenson screens prior to the 1920’s i believe? Doesnt stop them registering hot data today where the screen is surrounded by roads though!

  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    last summer (early this year) the BoM steadily beat-up the record temperature coming for Adelaide in the next few days. Sure enough after 3 days they announced that the 1939 record had been beaten.
    The “new record” was set in between the tabled 10 minute figures, and involved a rise of 1.6℃ (2.9℉) in 6 minutes and a similar drop. Three other stations around Adelaide did NOT record any temperature change over the 20 minutes. One was the Adelaide airport about 4 miles from the Adelaide base station.
    Adelaide was hot on Dec.16, 17 (42.1℃) and 18(43.7℃) with 44℃ predicted for Dec.19 and 45℃ for Dec. 20, but Dec. 21 should be 26℃ after a cool change. Not a record run.
    For some reason the TV forecasts no longer show the interstate maximums, only the BoM forecast.
    Melbourne had 23.5℃ on Dec16, and Sydney had 24℃ (no wonder the weather girl was hiding those cities). Melbourne’s heat wave included 26℃ on Dec. 17 and 40℃ on Dec.18 with forecasts of 26℃, 43℃ and 21℃ for the next 3 days. Sydney had 27℃ on Dec. 17 and 40℃ on Dec.18 with forecasts of 36, 26, and 34℃ for the next 3 days.

  10. Skippy says:

    Bourke is pronounced Burk or Berk. Keep up the good work, phenomenal really.

  11. The lawnmower man says:

    Did anyone notice that NBC news quoted Andy Pitman, climate modeler from the University of New South Wales as saying:”There is an uncontroversial link whereby higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere FROM climate change increase bushfire risk.”

    I thought that they were claiming that increased CO2 from industrialization is CAUSING climate change. Did this bozo accidentally agree with us that the warming is causing increased atmospheric CO2 rather than the other way around, or did the reporter misquote him?

  12. John Dawson says:

    I was just having a somewhat heated online discussion with my daughter in Australia, where she is a tenured scientist (not in the climate field). I pointed out that the data on temperature only went back to 1910 and she said there had to be a good reason, so she would ask one of her friends at BOM. They replied it was to do with uniformity of standards because thermometers before then were, for example, housed in beer crates on outback stations (this is actually on the website). Only from when BOM set standards in 1910 is the data considered reliable.

    Can you please comment Tony?

    • KevinPaul says:

      Not Tony, but this may interest you as to why the BOM did what they did.
      Note that when Charles Todd conducted his experiment between the Glaisher Stand and Stevenson Screen, there was only an average one degree C warmer difference with the Glaisher Stand.
      I feel they chose 1910 because of its comparative coolness and it enabled a quick and lazy rounding point.

    • KevinPaul says:

      I just want to add that I’m not condoning what the BOM has done, since they will readily homogenise data if it will bolster their cause, but in this case it’s binned because it doesn’t.
      There’s no denying 1896 for instance was a very special year with 437 heat related deaths in Australia, and around 1500 during the New York heatwave in the same year. We hardly ever see animals and people dropping dead from heat anymore, and the reason must be due to these earlier dates being much hotter than the present UHI inflated fluffery.
      This misrepresentation of the past is a dishonor to the people who were killed by these extreme heat episodes.

    • tonyheller says:

      BOM speculates that some thermometers might have read one degree to high, so they throw out pre-1910 temperatures which were 20 degrees higher than 2019. Yet they are happy to use modern thermometers with three degrees of UHI contamination.

  13. Peter Carroll says:

    The reason the BOM use 1910 as their start date is that, the first “official”, temperature measurement was made in 1910.
    It was recorded at the Carnarvon Post Office, which is on the WEST coast of Australia.

  14. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    FYI: Sydney temperature comparison of 3 years daily temperature observations, 1788- 1791, during the first years of colonial settlement, with the daily observations of the BoM from 1859 to 2018. As described by Brisbane geologist, Dr Geoff Derrick
    “Executive Summary
    1. Notwithstanding a data gap from 1791 to 1859, there appears to have been little or no change in the trends of monthly maximum and minimum temperatures for a period of 230 years, from 1788 to 2018, based on comparisons of two data sets—one recorded by First Fleet officer William Dawes, and one from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).
    2. Gergis et al 2009, authors of a major study and compilation of the data, conclude that: “Remarkably, the records appear comparable with modern day measurements taken from Sydney Observatory Hill, displaying similar daily variability, a distinct seasonal cycle and considerable inter-annual variability.””
    Comparison of the First Fleet Sydney temperature records with modern data, 1788 to 2018
    PS great work Tony.

  15. Rah says:

    I guess it’s just a coincidence that it is also the fakest day on record in the House of Representatives and the political press in the US.

  16. Simon Hodges says:

    Yesterday the BBC led with the Australian headline “Nation endures hottest day on record”

    Contrasting the map presented by the BBC with one below from Business Insider showing Australian population density in 2016 and its pretty clear that hardly anyone was enduring these temperatures.

  17. David says:

    Since when was “average maximum” daily temparture a thing anyway? I’ve never heard of that here in the UK. We have maximum temperature records, of course, but they are for a specific location. I don’t recall anyone adding up temperatures from all over the country and averaging them.

  18. David of Aussie says:

    Great stuff Tony, good to see you starting to expose the fraud and misdirection peddled by the Australian main stream media. Just one tip Bourke is pronounced Berk.

  19. Dion MacDonald says:

    “Note that the weather girl is cleverly standing in front of eastern Australia” yeahh nahh

  20. Vegieman says:

    You have a special knack for being obtuse. Or is that obtrusive. No, I think its ostentatious. Whatever it is, your ability to miss the point is intrusive and certainly not impressive. You are are a classic for missing the forest for the trees. A little self assessment would cause embarrassment for most.

    • rah says:

      Come back when you actually have something worthwhile to say.

    • Gator says:

      Vegieman enjoying some of his own word salad.

    • Vegieman says:

      Sorry guys, this was intended for our friend Dion. This is a pretty respectable place most of the time, but at times the climate gets a little rough. Yes, I did enjoy the salad gator. I enjoy some of the perspectives you share too now and then. Lighten up a bit.

      • Gator says:

        I wondered what happened. I wasn’t sure if we had a sock puppet, or if you had lost your mind. As you know, we are all pretty protective of Tony, and his exemplary work.

        • Dion MacDonald says:

          Especially when he bends the truth to suit his narrative. Was the weather girl strategically positioned over the east coast? Well no she wasn’t. And what about temps at locations near to Bourke on that faithful day? Surely the temp would have been exceedingly high in the vicinity on that day? Let’s look at reporting from the local immediate area…..Why was Bourke such an anomaly? And why did BOM start reporting only after 1910? Did it have anything to do with the fact they only came into existence in 1907? I tell you this site is in my top 3 satirical websites

          • Vegieman says:

            So you make it a practice to spread your joy around to others. I have worked with people that see the world as you do. They all worked themselves out of a job because everyone else is an idiot. Well, you are amazing. As you probably are for the other sites that you put your keenness for dullness on display, you are a top source of satire here also. I was wondering if you could help me with an age old question: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?”

          • Gator says:

            And why did BOM start reporting only after 1910? Did it have anything to do with the fact they only came into existence in 1907?

            So if the IPCC came into existence in 1988, any global climate observations prior to 1988 should be thrown out? LOL

            It’s not just me Dion, creationists are laughing at you too!

            What color is the sky on your world Dion?

  21. rah says:

    The year in review for the major fake “news” media in the US. And alarmists wonder why we don’t believe them?

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