New Video : Hiding The Hot Past

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3 Responses to New Video : Hiding The Hot Past

  1. Klaus Berger says:

    As always very well documented, Tony! I wonder why so many people believe all that climate nonsense. Now I think it is because of the same media in US that tell so much nonsense about Trump and The Impeachment! Here in Europe they only rely on New York Times, Washington post, CNN, CNBC, all democratic News media. Fake News Media!!! Now I love Trump!

  2. Arvid says:

    Well documented Tony. Here in Australia the climate fear news seems to be hypnotizing people on a grand scale. A large proportion of Australians have become zombie like believing the planet is coming to an end and lets not let the facts get in the way of this doomsday belief.
    And Greta is the new God of this cult like religion.

  3. Andrew Jackson says:

    Another brilliant video, thanks Tony.
    Alas the BOM (Australian Government Weather Bureau) are not only hiding data, they’re also retrospectively tamping with it, like USA,

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