Warming Twice As Fast

Canada warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, report says – BBC News

Arctic warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet, according to NOAA’s report card – UPI.com

Mountains Are Warming Twice as Fast as the Rest of the World – Pacific Standard

Deep Gulf of Maine has been warming twice as fast as the surface, study finds — Hancock — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

Sweden’s temperature is rising more than TWICE as fast as the global average – The Local

Alaska – Fourth National Climate Assessment

Finland is warming twice as fast than the rest of the planet

Study: Great Lakes warming more than twice as fast as oceans | Invasive Species Council of British Columbia | ISCBC Plants & Animals

China warming faster than global average – Chinadaily.com.cn

irishtimes.com – Ireland warming twice as fast as rest of world, report finds – Thu Aug 30 01:00:00 IST 2007

National Parks are warming twice as fast as rest of US

Russia is ‘warming 2.5 times quicker’ than the rest of the world | Public Radio International

Environmental News Network – U.S. West warming faster than rest of world: study

Tibetan Plateau Warming Twice as Fast as Rest of World : Rel

Britain warming faster than average – Telegraph

IPCC: Europe has been warming faster than the global average | Environment | The Guardian

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31 Responses to Warming Twice As Fast

  1. Steven Parker says:

    So who is not warming to counter balance those that are above average?

  2. KevinPaul says:

    “Twice as fast” current favourite alarmist mimeme.

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    Not only they are charlatans, but they are also plain stupid.

    My new wallpaper (picture taken at 50s) :


  4. Bill says:

    This is just the tip of the “warming twice as fast” iceberg (which is, itself, warming twice as fast!). Check out the related “melting twice as fast” stories:

    “Himalayan glaciers melting twice as fast in recent years, study shows”
    “Alaskan Glaciers Are Melting Twice as Fast as Models Predicted”
    “Greenland’s Oldest Ice Is Melting ‘Twice as Fast as the Rest of the Arctic’”
    “Antarctic ice may melt twice as fast as expected”

  5. Terry Shipman says:

    Two times zero still equals zero. Zero is the speed we are approaching their scary “tipping points.” In 2030 I will be eighty and I’m sure the only thing I’ll have to worry about is a colder climate, not a warmer one. And these idiots will have been deposited on the dung hill of history twice as fast as they ever thought possible.

  6. TeaPartyGeezer says:

    Earth is melting twice as fast as the rest of the world!

    • Tel says:

      No. What you are seeing is the effect of studiously ignoring those parts of the Earth that are not warming at all, and never have changed climate to the best that anyone can determine the historical record … i.e. the tropics. I should point out that most of that equatorial region is ocean, so we don’t have many tree rings, and of course there’s no ice cores either. Worse problem is that plants in the tropics tend to grow fast, then die young and rot away quickly … unlike trees in cooler parts of the world. However there is some information available from coral and marine sediments.

      The question of why such a large chunk of the Earth’s surface is so incredibly stable would seem like the most important mystery to solve. Especially when you consider other factors like the Sun and cosmic rays are known NOT to be particularly stable. Solving this mystery will not lead to alarmism and panic though … so I guess there isn’t much grant money available.

    • Henning Nielsen says:

      Crises: The ice cubes in my drink are melting twice as fast as my thirst is being quenched! That’s flood AND drought at the same time!

  7. Don says:

    But what about the rest of the world”? ?

  8. billtoo says:

    “yeah, but it’s pretty damn cold in the falklands.”

  9. Tel says:

    As a zero order approximation you can divide the Earth into two regions:
    * The equatorial region between the tropics.
    * Everything else.

    They are of roughly equal area and the equatorial region never significantly warms nor cools, it remains locked at a temperature in a narrow region around 300K. This is controlled by sea surface evaporation which is highly nonlinear as can be seen in the Argo data, as well as other places:


    Thus … it is a well understood phenomenon that “climate change” happens almost exclusively in places far away from the equator. You might notice that if you average out two regions where one is changing and the other does not change, then the global average will be half as much as the region that does change. Think of it like a stick where one end does not move while the other end of the stick moves up and down … the middle of the stick always moves half as much.

    Therefore if you select those places far from the equator such as Canada, the Arctic, Maine, Sweden, Finland, most of China, Ireland, Russia, etc. you discover they change twice as much as the global average. If you select places far away from the influence of sea surface temperature (e.g. top of a mountain) you discover exactly the same thing.


    There is a longstanding difficulty explaining to people what averages mean, and what they don’t mean … and why this is important to keep in mind whenever discussing average data. There is no person on Earth who lives in a global average temperature, we all live in a local temperature that changes every day and night. Any change in the global average is only significant to the extent that this might also reflect some local climate shift, which of course depends very much on where you do live.

  10. just a thought says:

    I’m waiting for them to put it all together:

    “Eastern US warming 2x faster than Western US, …which is warming 3x as fast as US average.”

    No one is taught math or critical thinking any more, so why shouldn’t they make such an outrageous claim, if most won’t realize that it’s impossible, and will accept it without question?

  11. Henning Nielsen says:

    COP 25: Money to climate-suffering nations has stopped coming TWICE AS FAST as last year.

  12. Maurice Ferrand says:

    Tony, you neglected to mention that Australia, South Africa and Western Antarctica are warming faster than average.

  13. Gator says:

    It’s all true! Two times zero.

  14. Al Shelton says:

    None of those people pumping out all those articles are going to change, as they are on a political campaign to try and convince voters not to vote for Trump.
    They have zero credibility, and just regurgitate the party line.
    Kerry and Obama failed to help Hillary with all their BS about catastrophic climate change.
    I am of the opinion that all these scare tactics will only help Trump get a second term.
    Thanks to Tony, we can see how prevalent these fake new stories have become.

  15. CH4 says:

    Those with the ‘squeakiest wheels’ get the largest portions of the $550B annual global climate ‘grease’.

  16. Russell Cook says:

    Remember, too, that all these ‘warming 2x fast’ locations are also “ground zero” for global warming:

    “Settled science: Every place is allegedly ‘Climate change’s ground zero’ ”

  17. Emslander says:

    Journalists reporting on climate get twice as stupid every year.

  18. Walt Lafford says:

    My ice maker in my freezer is taking twice as long to make ice cubes, what is going on here. Perhaps too much hot air coming out of the alarmists.

  19. rory says:

    Again , global alarmist idiots looking to shore up their lives, living on lies and tax dollars.
    I can understand the dumber ones holding their heads up but not the skeamers.

  20. Tomsa says:

    Having lived near Lake Superior I find that 2015 article about the lake warming so fast to be rather dubious. Just checking some figures according to the InfoSuperior website..

    1995-1999 average high temperature was 18.3C
    2004-2008 avg was 17.4C
    2014 to 2018 avg was 17C

    Looks like the highest yearly temperatures on average have been decreasing.

    • Gator says:

      It’s all about the cherry pick. Their claim is that “on average” the lakes warmed from 1985 to 2009. I would expect the lakes to have warmed since the ice age scare. I lived through it on two continents, and I remember it well.

  21. David Fast says:

    I feel slighted! How come Russia gets to warm faster than the rest of us? Somehow this must be some kind of political advantage they have over us who are only warming twice as fast. I’m also P-O’d these so-called climate experts keep using my surname. This is giving my family angst. Maybe I can get them on Dr. Phil with me and request that he admonish them for their insensitivity/stupidity.

  22. DM says:


    This may be your BEST illustration of climate change nonsense pushed by the main stream media. That is high praise because it is preceded by dozens of similarly devastating deconstructions of other climate crisis memes.

    Any one who reads this post and then continues to doubt the media is selling climate sizzle rather than climate science is brain dead.

    Keep up the great work!

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