Climate Alarmists – Incapable Of Learning

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  1. The Brexiting British Isles are waking up. Counter Terrorism Policing is circulating posters of looter organizations as terrorist nesting grounds and brain washaterias. The Guardian is pointing and screeching much like the actors in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” at the IDing of Green peace and Anarcho-everything as initiators of force. The bottom line is that watching the populace of Vichy France 2.o being murdered by mystical and racial collectivists has rung alarm bells as deep and resonant as Big Ben.

  2. G W Smith says:

    The group think of democrats and their worship of experts is the greatest threat our world faces.

  3. johnbuk says:

    Thanks Tony, on the button as usual.

  4. Martin says:

    Spot on. A perfect summary of the state of climate alarmism.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    I, as one of many, look forward to your visit to Australia in April. I do however feel that you will be treated no better than Gert Wilders, during his last visit.
    You can expect hostility, vilification, and nothing but vitriol from our media, in all its forms. Don’t expect too many live TV interviews. You will only be granted interviews if they can be censored or manipulated. “The Project”, is notorious.
    Gert Wilders had his speaking venues cancel on him at the last minute, due partly to political pressure, expect the same.
    There will be the usual screaming demonstrations where ever you go, trying to drown out the truth, in favour of their inane carbon cult.
    Despite this, I hope that you do have an enjoyable trip. We are not all cc freaks, as demonstrated at our last election. There are some voices of sanity and reason in our government.

  6. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, to your point of what is the real agenda of these “environmentalists” and the complete collaboration of the Press in their vividly biased reporting and articles supporting this huge CACCC – Catastrophic Alarmist Climate Change Cult – the extent of which has not been seen in Western societies before. Drieu Godefridi offers some explanations as to how this Cult gained traction in the Western Democracies.


    “Environmentalists cannot triumph by democratic means any more than they would be able to maintain their position by democratic means; hence, they favor the intergovernmental approach of international law.

    The case of the IPCC is both composite and of great interest. To be convinced, one only needs to read the third section of the third and fourth IPCC reports and “Summary For Policy Makers” which sets out “recommended standards” which are presented as norms, which are certainly not legally binding to individual countries and do not apply with the force of law in any individual, national legal systems, nor do these recommendations override, as such, any national regulation.

    However, this IPCC catalogue of “proposed” norms is so detailed and extends so well to all spheres of human activity—transport, town planning, construction, economy, tourism, national and international redistribution of wealth—that it is a ready-to-use, off-the-peg product for lazy politicians and it should be noted that many of these have entered into law of individual countries which have allowed themselves to be stripped of their national powers, the classic example is the EU, which is fundamentally intergovernmental and undemocratic. It is probably at the EU level that the green lobby has become most fully institutionalized.”
    Drieu Godefridi, The Green Reich: Global Warming to the Green Tyranny .

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