Obama’s Plan Vs Trump’s Plan

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18 Responses to Obama’s Plan Vs Trump’s Plan

  1. Klaus says:

    Trump is amazing! I think he is your best president ever!!

    • Johansen says:

      Yep, this is one of the best Presidential speeches in recent history…. that is, if you believe in freedom and opportunity for all, limited bureaucracy, entrepreneurism, innovation, achievement, etc. Mr. Obama’s was a war against the human soul

      • Robertv says:

        Than abolish the Federal Reserve and its direct tax system. You can’t have freedom in a place where those in power have given themself the right to control every aspect of your life.

    • Michael says:

      Without a doubt Klaus. How much better could he be if it wasn’t for the constant resistance that he faces from not just Democrats but RINO’s, the deep-state and the lying corrupt medis.

  2. Jdh says:

    A couple of slick politicians. The US is nowhere near energy independent. The claim is based on smoke and mirrors accounting and money printing to support a failing shale oil industry. The trillion trees initiative is just another empty promise that will be abandoned by the end of the week.

    • Scissor says:

      It depends on how one defines words like “nowhere.” Disregarding nuclear, wind, solar, geo and hydropower, the U.S. proven reserves of oil and natural gas are basically twice the level they were at in 1995. Production of each is hitting highs. All fuel prices are falling at least temporarily reflecting this new reality. The Permian area alone has enough oil for over 200 years U.S. consumption. Coal cannot compete with natural gas in many places so its reserves are sitting in the ground.

      That is quite different from being nowhere near energy independent.

      • Jim Bendoner says:

        With a basic understanding of geology and the mechanics, thremodynamics, and economics of fossil fuel extraction, one knows that the difference between “proven reserves” and actual usable energy that can/will be extracted is a vast chasm. Art Bermann recently commented something like, “We could have oil for a very long time if no one had to make any money extracting it”. Just because it is there, does not mean it makes business sense, materials sense, thermodynamic sense to get it. Fracking is the poster child as the OP points to. Show me how they are ACTUALLY making a profit–I’m talking EROEI. No way.

        Not to mention, it is quite miraculous that the amount of materials that took billions of years to form doubled in quantity in a measly 25 years.

        When we try to squeeze the crumbs from the bottom of cookie jar together to convince ourselves that it’s the same thing as a fresh baked cookie, we’re screwed. Worse yet is when we think those crumbs will be there for 200 years more.

        But then again, it is farm more comforting to believe that we live in a world without limits or consequences.

        • Scissor says:

          “But then again, it is farm more comforting to believe that we live in a world without limits or consequences.”

          Do you believe I said we live in a world without limits or consequences? I did not.

          The energy return on fracking is good enough, better than most renewable schemes. Economics are tough right now because we are flush will fuels and natural gas is stranded in a lot of places. That condition will not last forever.

          • Jim Bendoner says:

            I read it as you arguing that 1)Trump’s claim of energy independence is factually correct (it’s not). 2) that with 200 years of US oil consumption in the Permian alone, not to mention all of the sitting coal, we are in good standing energy-wise. To me those are sentiments of someone who either believes that limits and consequences don’t exist, “it’s different this time, because X” or are willfully ignorant to the laws of thermodynamics, geology, and markets.

          • dvizible says:

            All praise the Lord of Progress!

    • rah says:

      How long have I heard the crap that your pushing Jdh? This LONG!

      President Jimmy Carter – Address to the Nation on Energy Apr 21, 1977

      The US is energy independent. As of October last year producing more oil than any other nation on earth. https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=37053
      Texas alone could supply all the natural gas required by Europe if they expanded their port facilities for export.

      I don’t think that many people really get how strategically significant that is. The PRC is not energy self sufficient. They rely heavily on imports of oil, LNG, and even coal. (Australia’s #1 export is coal and the #1 customer for that coal is China).

  3. Archie says:

    I think that now some of the doubters understand what Trump meant by “Make America Great Again.” I can feel the change as I’m sure so many others in the US can. It seems impossible at first (Obama) and then so simple when it happens (Trump).

  4. kzvx says:

    Gas is $1.95 a gallon where I live. Thanks, President Trump!

  5. gregole says:

    President Trump. Greatest president in our history.

  6. Oztruthseeker says:

    So is that a bad thing kzvx? Petrol costs $1.50 a litre here in Australia- and that’s a lot more than $1.95 a gallon- where even conservative governments are afraid to stand against the loony green left so that our vast reserves of natural gas are not allowed to be accessed even though it would bring energy prices down here.

  7. Wetfoot says:

    Let’s go back to the root of the problem and let americans finally accept the blame for the evil they let loose on the whole world! It’s not Trump, hell(er) it’s not even Obama. If y’all would’ve voted in that Gore bloke, he wouldn’t have had to persue another (even more lucrative) career outside the white house. But no, just puttin’ up with him for just 4 years was too much to ask! Now look at the mess we’re in. And, according to big Al’s Davos speech, it’s only getting worse and even acceleratingly so! I guess the northern ice cap will be gone by 2005 now and within a few years it’ll be gone by 1980. I can see a whole new branch of climate science developing to retrofit the evidence. Since reality nowadays is more virtual than ever, that should be within our grasp soon. And Tony, thanks to your graph tool they can easily make out where to start adjusting the data a bit and a little more and another little and… end.

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