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What Makes The Battle Worthwhile ….

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New Video : State Of Fear

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State Of Fear

On my way out of the supermarket in Boulder the other day, I saw these headlines. Due to government mandated shutdowns, the economy is in free-fall and tens of millions of people out of work. Downtown Boulder looks like a … Continue reading

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The Swedish Strategy

Excellent read on a sensible approach in Sweden, vs. the rest of Europe The Swedish laws on communicable diseases are mostly based on voluntary measures — on individual responsibility. It clearly states that the citizen has the responsibility not to … Continue reading

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“An Egregious Statistical Horror Story”

An egregious statistical horror story of millions of projected deaths, suffused with incense and lugubrious accents from Imperial College of London to Harvard School of Public Health, prompted the pols to impose a vandalistic lockdown on the economy. It would … Continue reading

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Effectiveness Of The New Zealand Lockdown

I know a number of leftists who brag about the success of the government COVID tyranny in New Zealand. Australian MP Craig Kelley sent me this from Australia. Have a look at Australia v. New Zealand. New Zealand with their socialist … Continue reading

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The Great Pandemic Of 2018

I’m old enough to remember the great pandemic of 2018, when we didn’t destroy our economy and go into an uncontrollable panic. Over 80,000 Americans Died of Flu Last Winter, Highest Toll in Years – The New York Times

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All Grown Up Now!

My most recent video was a bike ride, which ended at Mork and Mindy’s house in Boulder. Note the large tree in front of the house. The tree wasn’t there when the Mork and Mindy intro was filmed in 1978. … Continue reading

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Defeating Censorship

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Must-Watch COVID Videos

These videos are essential watching for anyone who wants rational decisions to be made.

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