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Pandemic Suspended During Civil Rights Protests

If this was a beach in Florida or a Dallas hairdresser trying to feed her kids, there would be a massive outcry from the left about a COVID catastrophe. But apparently viruses know to not interfere with social justice events.

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New Video : 1969

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New Video : 3891 Days Left For The Planet

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How America Reacted To The 1968-1969 Flu Pandemic

The 1969 flu pandemic killed 116,000 Americans.  This was how the country reacted.

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New Video : Disasters Slated For 2020

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Norway Says The Lockdown Was Unnecessary

Norway ‘could have controlled infection without lockdown’: health chief – The Local Norway says there was no reason to close schools, but Fauci wants US schools to stay closed until some magical vaccine appears at the end of the year.

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Hawaii Test Drives The Green New Deal

Hawaii’s politicians want no CO2 and no viruses – even if it means no jobs. Head of Labor Department: 190,000 could remain unemployed through end of year

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Ratio Of Unemployed To COVID – Infinity

Divide by zero error.

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World’s Worst Modelers

“I thought it was impossible” But undaunted by their spectacular failures, virus modelers ramp up the lies one more time. Coronavirus will come roaring back in King County without contact tracing, other measures, report finds | The Seattle Times

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“completely abandoned all logic and reason and fell victim to fear porn”

34 States Had Higher Death Rate From 2018 Flu Than Coronavirus – Outkick the Coverage

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