UN Employment Models

Six weeks ago, the UN predicted 7.4 million lost jobs in “high-income countries” “due to the coronavirus.”

Nearly 25 million jobs could be lost globally due to the coronavirus

There have already been at least 35 million job losses in the US alone, and they are not due to a virus. The cause of the job losses was/is a panicked response by state and local governments to predictions made by useless UN backed virus models.

UN models wildly exaggerate climate and virus effects, while massively understating the economic impact of their nonsensical mitigation plans. It should be obvious to everyone by now that UN models are about a political agenda, not science. Yet many people keep getting fooled over and over again.

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10 Responses to UN Employment Models

  1. arn says:

    With UN models one can predict anything.

    Most of these models probably only exist to justify the existence of the UN.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Whoever said, people WANT to be BS’d, was right. Most people hope and fear, while few think and reason. When the mob is afraid it will jump off a cliff.

  3. nfw says:

    Time for all countries to defund the China Nations, er, UN. It’s been a classic case of the socialists not wanting to share at all and make the world better, but to infiltrate and takeover, just like a cancer, and make the world in their awful image.

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    Whatever would we do without our valiant media:

    “Climate change is REAL.”
    “The deadly coronavirus pandemic is REAL.”
    “And btw, Los Angeles and Jacksonville are the SAME city.”


  5. Anon says:

    If Obama were still in office, we could relocate a good number of these to “shovel ready” jobs in Antarctica.

  6. douglas Hoyt says:

    About 500 jobs lost for each death that is attributed to COVID-19, in the US.

    494/1 to be more exact.

  7. Russ Wood says:

    In South Africa, we’ve had 150 or so deaths, but a TOTAL lockdown that has been estimated by actuaries to end up costing anything up to 7 million jobs. SA started from a low point, being broke due to ‘state capture’ and finally being dropped to Junk status at the start of the lockdown. We can’t console ourselves, because the ‘Action Committee’ has banned the sale and shipment of any alcohol. Cigarette sales are banned, we are limited to an exercise period of 6 am to 9 am, there is an 8 pm curfew, and most of the Army is in the streets with weapons.
    Oh yes, and it’s all the fault of the coronavirus!

  8. John F. Hultquist says:

    Panic 2020!

    Full history yet to be written.

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