Latest News From The (USSR) United States Socialist Republics

Marxist organization BLM is officially the only protected entity in the US.

It is abundantly clear that Democrats are attempting to destroy the United States. I have been pointing this out for years, but it would be difficult for any thinking person to not recognize it now.

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  1. rah says:

    “It is abundantly clear that Democrats are attempting to destroy the United States.”

    And that they are being aided and abetted by their allies in the “press”. These days when one reads something in the NYT, WP, etc., or watches the “news” on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc., one should just figure the opposite of what they are asserting in their “analysis” is the truth. It has been that way to some extent for years but now it is more true than ever. It has now reached the extent that the Japanese press of WW II was more accurate in their reporting than our US press is now.

    As bad as it has been, If not for the internet they would have much more success in their deception than they are having.

    • John Francis says:

      Yes indeed.
      Thank you for the good reflection.

    • Disillusioned says:

      It is so pervasive, I am shocked at the amounts and types of people who believe the propaganda. I know several lifelong Republicans that have bought into some of it.

  2. Ross says:

    Why would any body who could shift jobs , shift the business reasonably easily or do not have family reasons to stay, remain living in New York ?

    • pinroot says:

      I’ve read recently that roughly 500,000 people have left the city, moving mostly upstate. Hopefully they’ll keep their madness in NY and not export it to other states.

    • John Francis says:

      I’m supposing that one of the weapons of Marxists is to destroy, one step at a time, the strongholds(at one time) of commerce and technology to weaken the victim country(that’s us folks) . Solzhenitsyn said they were able to bring down Russia because they came for us (leading academics,politicians, business leaders)one at a time.
      Now with the blatant traitorous attacks against our sovereignty by the Marxocrats, the targets are Democratic controlled areas.
      Years ago when Obama was loading Minnesota with immigrants , people were wondering why. Now we know.
      Get his college and law school records opened.
      It’s a twisted diabolical scheme.
      Communism is a filthy beast of destruction.
      Only God can help us avoid much suffering I’m afraid.

  3. MGJ says:

    It is indeed the lack of thinking people that is the fundamental problem. It is they who are the fertile ground on which Democrats flourish. That plus the seemingly infinite cowardice of nominal conservatives the world over who would rather end 2.5 millennia of western civilisation than be made to feel uncomfortable for speaking the truth.

    Oh and I do wish people wouldn’t refer to what is happening as protests :)

  4. arn says:

    Funny show for idiots.

    Black communities despise gays.
    BLM is run by lesbians-
    marxists of course,
    just like the eco movement,feminists,the hippie movement(i recently watched an interview of a guy called David Silver with some hippies
    and one of them clearly stated that he is marxist and that the hippie movement
    is a creation of the media)
    BLM thinks protesting for the most racist and violent group
    that commits half of all violent crimes(which causes the expected responses by police) in the USA but has only a 30% victim ratio among police shooting victims is somehow racist(it is,towards all the other ethnic groups)

  5. pinroot says:

    Someone needs to file some type of lawsuit against the Mayor and NYC for discrimination. Not that it will do any good, but at least they can try.
    Side note: I really can’t see this guy getting re-elected; absolutely no one likes him.

  6. Robert Gipson says:

    Peggy Hall totally rocks. Here’s her latest video, a little long ( a lot of *facts*), but for the punchline, scroll forward to 18:41.

  7. Robert Gipson says:

    Latest from Lew Rockwell on forced vaccination plans:
    “Many COVID-19 cases are believed to be miscoded cases of tuberculosis. (The CDC is not reporting TB-related deaths which produces similar symptoms as COVID-19.) The BCG TB-vaccine reduces the risk for death from COVID-19 by 3-fold and drugs used to treat TB (azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine) are successfully used to treat COVID-19, leading some analysts to conclude many of COVID-19-reported deaths are really tuberculosis. Geographically, COVID-19 hot-spots, such as Wuhan, China; Modena, Italy and New York City, have been battling TB outbreaks in recent times.”

    “Is COVID-19 really TB?

    “The world is focusing on a viral disease that produces mild to no-symptoms in most cases and a very low mortality rate with no approved treatments or vaccine, overshadowing tuberculosis which affects 2 billion and kills over 1.3 million a year, and has an approved vaccine and successful antibiotic treatment. The infectious disease control industry has gone mad. The currently misdirection is to prioritize a threat that kills in six figures over a threat that kills in seven figures.”

    If that’s not bad enough, top it off with the recent bombshell revelation that the NIH *owns* half of the proposed vaccine:

    Uh… no conflict of interest here, right?

    • Erika says:

      Hmm i think they have been experimenting with TB..perhaps n a germ warfare sense.
      This is only anecdotal..but back when i was in graduate school, i had to get tested to make sure i did not have TB and that my mumps vaccine was still good (bloodtest).I was coming in from another state in the US.

      Interestingly, i was living in the graduate dormitories and one of the Chinese students one dormitory over, contracted TB (she was working in some immunology lab) and the place had to be evacuated..
      I am not sure whether she was allowed to come into the school with TB or whether she contracted it during her studies in the laboratory.

      I am not going to start about the fact that about 90% of the graduate body in the sciences at a taxpayer funded state school were foreign

  8. Michael says:

    100% spot on Tony. Voting Democrat is a vote to destroy the US..

  9. Ron Scribner says:

    Bill di Blasio is a communist and he always has been.

  10. Ron Scribner says:

    Bill di Blasio is a communist and he always has been.

  11. Ron Scribner says:

    Bill di Blasio is a communist and he always has been

    • Disillusioned says:

      Tony, I think we know why Ron posted this twice. Is it possible to release the governor and open up the posting again for a smooth conversation flow? I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, and perhaps you must do this for security purposes. I don’t know. But, if you could release the governor you have on releasing posts, it would eliminate all the unnecessary double posts, it would stop people thinking you flagged their posts – and it would allow for the organic flow of conversations, once again.

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