“Lockdown must be one of the least intelligent policies of the century”

As governments all over the world continue to terrorize their own civilians, life returns to normal in Sweden. That is the difference between having an actual scientist (Anders Tegnell) in charge, and a politically driven hack like Dr. Fauci.

Sweden, Which Never Had Lockdown, Sees COVID-19 Cases Plummet as Rest of Europe Suffers Spike

Sweden Unveils ‘Promising’ Covid-19 Data as New Cases Plunge – Bloomberg

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2 Responses to “Lockdown must be one of the least intelligent policies of the century”

  1. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Lockdown is a great strategy if your goal is to destroy the free world. Most people do not really care about the absolutes. They are happy as long as they think others are suffering as well.

    There is a scene from “War and Peace”: People are dragged away in pairs to be shot. No panic, just compliance. Our hero is selected for some task and the other guy, now being alone, freaks out.

  2. John pankhurst says:

    The lefties are quick to shout down Sweden’s approach and success By calling it a disaster.
    They use both arguments the economy is as bad as other countries and their deaths per million is equally as bad, plus they had a second wave. Using your info one is able to argue but, I was trying to argue in favour of their economy and I was trying to put the argument in relative terms but could not.
    So I’m asking if you could feed to us a graph of $ stimulise per head of population which measures the countries ongoing disaster and that could be compared

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