More Shameless Fraud From The Guardian

The Guardian says a pink algae has mysteriously appeared on snowfields in the Alps, which is being “investigated by scientists” and is associated with climate change.

Algae turn Italian Alps pink, prompting concerns over melting | World news | The Guardian

This happens every summer, and has for my entire life. Hikers are warned not to eat pink snow, because it can cause diarrhea. Here is Kirye hiking on pink snow in Wyoming last weekend.

The press is completely shameless with their lies on essentially every topic.

h/t Marc Morano

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20 Responses to More Shameless Fraud From The Guardian

  1. Bruce says:

    Next up, they’ll investigate yellow snow located by ice fishing shacks in February

  2. Russell Cook says:

    Ditto. During my summer vacation stays in the southwestern Colorado Rockies, the 4×4 tour drivers who take me and other tour riders over the jeep road mountain passes have been pointing out this pink snow event EVERY year for the past 18 years.

  3. Cathy says:

    No doubt the researchers are anxious to receive some of the abundance of grants available for “climate change” research, but not necessarily for high elevation environments. This is a prefect way for mountain-loving scientists to have their vacation among the beautiful Alps financed by the climate alarmist dupes. It would be funny if it were not evil.

  4. Scott K Jonas says:

    It’s the same in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. There was pink snow 50 years ago when I first went on hikes at age seven, and pink snow now at age 57.

  5. Starley R Shelton says:

    Tony, are you sure? With more flights recently I thought it might be toilet water dumped from aircraft! That warm water could melt the Alps. Watch out for yellow snow as well.

    • Peter Carroll says:

      No Starley. Toilet water from aircraft is blue. There have been many instances of lumps of “blue ice” falling from the sky, baffling mainly climate scientists.
      The usual cause is a leaky aircraft toilet outlet, allowing water to leak onto the outside of the aircraft, where at high altitude, it freezes into a lump.
      As the aircraft descends to warmer air, the frozen lump detaches, and voila! Blue Ice.

  6. kzvx says:

    Not sure if you enable ads on your site, Tony, because I usually view on my desktop which has an adblocker, but here’s a screenshot from my android phone today, using Chrome.

  7. richard c merrill says:

    I remember being on the top of the Wasatch plateau in 1963 while at geology field camp. In August there was still snow and the pink algae was present then. We didn’t get a warning about eating it, however.

  8. Robert Gipson says:

    They’ve had this algae forever here in Northern California. Lassen Peak is famous for it, saw it in the 1960’s.

  9. John F. Hultquist says:

    One of our first hikes on a high mountain was in 1970 or ’71. This was somewhere near the Athabasca Glacier north of Banff.
    I have a 35 mm slide (somewhere) of pink snow, and ice worms. Our mountain-experienced friend, Calgary native, and PhD geographer explained these and other new things to several of us flatlanders.

    being “investigated by scientists”

    Well okay, perhaps they will learn something interesting.
    The Guardian is not a reliable source.

  10. Robert Gipson says:

    Don’t eat the yellow snow, either.

  11. Dave N says:

    That’s the MO of alarmists: take something not well known (by everyone) but that is a common occurrence, claim that “scientists” are “puzzled” or “investigating” and that there’s “concern” for the planet over it.

    One could start a page (or section) devoted solely to that.

  12. Disillusioned says:

    For Bruce, Starley and Robert:

  13. aeroearth says:

    “The Guardian” propaganda paper (no one could ever call it a “news paper”) is like Pravda for the Western world. If you want your daily reinforcement of communist propaganda “The Guardian” propaganda paper is for you. I read it is required reading at the BBC, as one would fully expect. Probably at the Australian ABC too.

    However if you want unbiased non communist news with referenced, scientifically based facts, then follow Tony Heller!

  14. Mohatdebos says:

    Accuweather is leading the charge. You would think they would know better.

  15. C. Campbell says:

    Hi Tony.
    Just watched your video on pink snow. The Beetles got my attention when you showed the dates of the outbreaks indicating the cycle. Checked against the sunspot count and noticed the Beetle population seemed to explode when it was at the bottom and just turning up. Found it interesting.

  16. MGJ says:

    It remains an open question: do the writers at the Guardian actually believe anything they write or not? And which is worse?

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