Australia On Permanent Lockdown

Communist China locked people in their homes, so Australian government officials naturally thought that would be a good idea too. The Australian government seems to think that the virus will magically disappear at some unknown time in the future, and at that time they can end tyranny.

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  1. Scissor says:

    One of my children lives about 3 hours outside Melbourne, not far from a ski resort. A good thing is that the slopes are not crowded because police are preventing the escape of anyone from Melbourne.

  2. Ross says:

    This is just Victoria, but it is important because it has Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, as it’s capital. Andrews would be classed as a far left Democrat in the US.
    Like the US they are hooked on positive cases and ignoring the fact that only a couple of deaths in the state has occurred in the last 3-4 weeks.
    I believe that the medical people have had too much say (and this is a worldwide problem) and the politicians are not doing their job of balancing all the factors involved -health, economics, jobs , mental health etc.
    A brave Australian media person reminded the country the other night that in the 2009 swine flu epidemic Australia had about 38,000 cases and 290 deaths and lock downs never occurred. ( I think there have been about 110 deaths in Australia with this virus).
    Of course all deaths are tragic but a sense of perspective needs to kept in place.

    • Mark Amey says:

      Last year 900 died from influenza in Australia. Barely a peep from the government beyond the usual advertising during the influenza season. Very virulent ( mainly H1N1) occur every eighteen years.

      We’ll see!

  3. nfw says:

    Mr Heller, it is NOT Australia, it is the Socialist People’s Republic of the state of Victoria.

    The federal government is illegally using the ADF to “assist”. As they are not sworn constables they have no powers of arrest and are not covered by any immunity should they injure anybody. Even touching somebody is assault.

    Funnily enough Australian League football teams located in Melbourne were able to escape to Queensland before the illegal house arrest activity commenced. Now why would money making machines be allowed to escape. Oh, that’s right, money. If it had been that serious the illegal house arrest would have been immediate and suffer the consequences, but the incoming house arrest gave everybody 72 hours to leave Dodge, fully infected. All BS and hypocrisy.

    We are controlled by cowards. Meanwhile TB, which killed 1.5 million in 2018, keeps being ignored and getting free passes.

  4. dearieme says:

    It’s not the Oz govt it’s the govt of the state of Victoria.

    The national (i.e. federal or ‘Commonwealth’) government seems to have done quite well so far, mainly by ignoring the advice of its medical experts. But “so far” may be little help – perhaps that won’t be clear for a few years yet. As you imply, what happens when they open the borders?

    On the other hand if this turns out to be one of those viruses that does just peter out then maybe they will have been right. Nobody knows. Indeed nobody can know; it’s a novel virus.

  5. G W Smith says:

    Tyranny disguised as “security”, or “safety”, or “fairness”, or nondiscrimination, tolerance, compassion, you name it, is only a wolf by a different color.

  6. Aussie says:

    Victoria has been on the slide for some years but the current virus situation has clearly highlighted the complete incompetence of “Chairman Dan” and his Leftist fools.

    Untrained (union) people used to police quarantined travellers and returning Australians
    No or poor contact tracing
    Years of Leftist promotion on politics not merit have given Victoria a dysfunctional and incapable public service sector.
    Senseless restrictions
    Free pass to BLM protests but then heavy handed dealing with other “transgressors”

    Victoria has an accelerating public debt and this time will not have power assets to sell to pay the bills. Renewable projects which were already marginal have been guaranteed by the VIC govt – huge issues to come on this which is largely unreported.

    This govt is easily the worst in modern times in Australia bar the Whitlam years, but our ABC and nearly all the MSM cover for it constantly and simply refuse to cover the State Opposition. (this is an issue in QLD also). This is a mirror of what is the situation in the US at present.

    • Ceres says:

      Yes. Here in Victoria Australia many of us refer to the Premier as Despot Dan. He and his Labor (Democrat) party colleagues have mishandled this horrendously, allowing BLM protesters to march with no fines, but fining a learner driver and her mother out for a lesson (not considered essential), $1650. Despot Dan has also signed Victoria up to the China Belt and Road debt trap despite the Federal Govt, warning against getting in to bed with China. It’s all very depressing but most employees here are Govt employed, it’s the private enterprises that are being decimated.

  7. Janet Marshall says:

    On the news every day in NZ is how people are ‘escaping’ from government forced isolation which is being policed by the tax payer funded police force. The word ‘escaping’ and ‘escaped’ makes one wonder just what this is all about. World death rate so far 0.006%. World usual death rate for influenza annually 0.008%. Ever have the feeling we’re being screwed. NZ debt so far today 78.7 BILLION in a land of 5 million people, 22 deaths mostly C19 related not positive.

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    This is only the State of Victoria, sort of like California without the sunny weather.
    Dopey Dan, as the Premier is widely called, has excelled(?) himself in incompetence and copying his admired Chinese communist government in the status of the general public.
    Most of the State is unaffected by Covid but have to suffer the restrictions placed to combat the outbreak in high rise public housing (largely populated by recent immigrants with little english.

    The other States have barred Victorians from entering their territories and, as in South Australia, insisting that their citizens fleeing Victoria have to go into quarantine.

  9. Frances says:

    These public housing towers in lockdown in Melbourne have a lot of migrants, refugees, living there and this lockdown will create more of a stigma for them. Many don’t yet speak or understand English even though the govt. has published info. re the coronavirus in 56 languages. Overall in Australia, I am amazed how quickly the population has given in to the fear of this virus with hardly any hospitalised cases and max. 106 deaths, mostly from passengers off cruise ships.

  10. Fruitloops says:

    If much of it doesn’t make sense to you, go and buy a frozen tv dinner and sit in front of the tv where you are supposed to be, then it will all make sense and you can get back to an average life merrily paying your taxes.

  11. Fruitloops says:

    Orwell would be happy his book was read, less happy it was copied… “Staying apart keeps us together”. The sheeple are now sleeple.

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