New Video : “And then there is California ….”

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  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    The elderly deaths could still be linked to the protests, you’ll need to look at the timing. The age groups attending were mostly not vulnerable and would not have sought diagnosis/treatment. Having travelled to the protests, they were quite well distributed. Any immediate effect would not be obvious. It would only be after they had gone back and infected their relatives, colleagues, patients even, that it would work its way into the vulnerable groups and potentially show up in the statistics. But there are so many factors at play…….

    As for not being in school so not getting taught climate change propaganda?
    In the UK the BBC provides lots of content for home study materials/programs and the on-line teaching resource centres are infested with climate change propaganda.


  2. Petit_Barde says:

    As you pointed out, indeed, riots and demonstrations have little to do with any new death. I observed the same in France after the June 21th Music Feast (where some hundreds of thousands of people gathered without facemask across the country), which did not caused any more death (very few for more than two months now) :

    Here is a plausible explanation of the recent increase in cases and deaths in the US
    (thanks to a comment on WUWT) :

    In his book “The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza”, Dr. Edgar Hope Simpson explains that the actual observed increase in cases and deaths is due to an expected progression of the strain, which after hitting North US, continues its way South of the 35th parallel :

    “Dr. Edgar Hope Simpson who explained that the course of a virus is DIFFERENT in terms of both timing and its slope, based on WHERE in the world you live, by latitude.”

    “Whether driven by solar radiation or Vitamin D levels, Hope-Simpson long ago predicted exactly what happened in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida in the last month: COVID-19 came later, on a lower death curve, to U.S. states that sit at or below the 35th parallel (see chart from his book that shows this visually). Hope-Simpson’s seminal work is a book titled The Transmission of Epidemic Influenza.”

    • walter wagner says:

      this is an excellent link, which i post again here:

      while there are a few deaths trickling in from some areas, essentially, the pandemic is over in many countries now having ‘herd immunity’. the article clarifies that many people already have had natural immunity due to previous cold exposures, making it easy to fight off a significant infection with this new virus, especially with younger people, creating a ‘herd immunity’ effect at a lower threshold than initially anticipated.

      thanks to Tony for providing this site and an opportunity to post.

  3. Mark Coolen says:

    Tony. Why does New York have such a low percentage of deaths in nursing homes @2:34 in the video? That’s an interesting number.

  4. Anonymous comment says:

    New York’s nursing home death count is off.

    NY stopped counting the death of nursing home residents as nursing home deaths if the nursing home patient died in a hospital after being admitted to the hospital.

  5. Cathy says:

    As a 4th-generation native-born Californian, with two Californian generations after me, I am sad to see the demise of our beautiful state at the hands of leftist ideologues. One son has already left for greener pastures ):

  6. dm says:

    Superb, as usual.

    One constructive comment, nevertheless, is proffered. Official data almost certainly understate NY nursing home deaths–grossly. For more info, see
    This link is for Tony’s readers.

    Tony certainly knows NY’s official data is flawed. Presumably, the flaw is not mentioned in this video because he preferred to focus attention on his main point.
    Such focus is one of his key attributes.

  7. Tom O says:

    An honest opinion of why an increase in deaths in nursing homes might take into consideration that 1.) they are still being isolated from family, and this will affect their will to live. 2.) July is a hot month in Arizona. They will be locked up inside, away from sunshine and Vitamin D, and you can bet they will not be getting supplementation above the RDA, which will not help them ward off disease. 3.) Viruses love cool, dry air, and that is what will be INSIDE the nursing home, thus these endangered people are being maintained in the best environment FOR the virus, not them. Is there really any wonder why there would be a spike in so called CV-19 deaths under those circumstances?

  8. Stephen P Janick says:

    You should have a store
    T-shirt listing all the years “Ice will be gone at North Pole”
    Nice warm sweeter with ice coming to NY city picture on the front.
    I am sure you could come up with a lot of great stuff.
    Looking for your video about forest fires. did you do one showing Calf. gov saying they are man made then later caused by climate. Glen Beck did one on all the people charged with starting fires. the difference between lots of small fire and not allowing them till a big fire is caused, that would be an interesting blog.

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