Partially New Video : Two Paths To Herd Immunity (Extend Version)

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4 Responses to Partially New Video : Two Paths To Herd Immunity (Extend Version)

  1. Colin Spencer says:

    Sweden has about 25,000 cases so far, with about 3,000 deaths. From a population of about 10 million, their situation is not going to be seen as reasonable. By any measure.

  2. Liam says:

    Oh you missed Michael Healy-Rae here in Ireland yesterday questioning our deputy leader on why pubs serving food are allowed to re-open and those that don’t serve food are not. This is leading to quiet rural pubs getting categorised with nightclubs in the cities.
    (The Healy-Rae’s are a bit like Donald Trump – they top the polls in Kerry but get ridiculed by the ‘intelligentsia’ in the rest of the country).

    It went along the lines: “Because, can I ask you this question Tánaiste (Deputy Leader), and on the record I would like for you to explain to me this: What is the difference between a person inside in a public house with a pint of Guinness in this hand and a toasted cheese sandwich in this hand and a person inside in another pub with a pint of Guinness and no toasted cheese sandwich?

    “Could you please give me the medical – you are a doctor – could you please explain to me why that poses a public health danger to that person drinking that pint and eating that sandwich or not?”

    Needless to say he didn’t get a straight answer to that particular question!

    But he brightened my day no end!

  3. Sean says:

    Japan did not lock down and the infection rates and and mortality rates are 1% most Western European and North American nations. I will grant islands and island nations do well in this regard but what lessons could have been learned from these places.

  4. Rudi K says:

    Interesting study from Prof. Gupta at Oxford that shows how herd immunity can occur at low levels of seroprevalence. The answer lies in the body’s T-cells, which give many people an effective first line of defence against coronaviruses. Antibodies or vaccines are not necessary!

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