Bill Gates Extends His Madness

Just when I thought Bill Gates couldn’t possibly get any ridiculous, he proves me wrong.

COVID-19 is awful. Climate change could be worse. | Bill Gates

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23 Responses to Bill Gates Extends His Madness

  1. Al Shelton says:

    And OH! Bill Gates is SO smart. [so most people think]
    Then why is he a believer in AGW?
    Good grief Charlie Brown.

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    In a few decades? We’ll all be dead by then, we have been assured. Billy-boy hasn’t got enough money or power yet.

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    … building and deploying innovations …” that I have invested in.
    There, Bill, I completed it for you.

    His advisers on this topic appear to be Al Gore, Ed Markey, and Bill Nye. Surely this level of ignorance can’t be the product of one person.

    Gates should produce a “white paper” on the subject of climate change using his personal skills, and drop the part where “a miracle happens.”

  4. Susan Ball says:

    The blind leading the blind. Some depressing levels of ignorance in the comments and also in the blog. I thought this guy might have had some greater scientific awareness. Thanks Tony. I never would have seen this otherwise.

  5. Robert Gipson says:

    Oh, here it comes…here it comes….

    a CO2 vaccine.

  6. Martin says:

    Right… double-whammy of fear and terror in order to get the NWO agenda across the line. Sadly, the greater public is swallowing the bait.

  7. KevinPaul says:

    The most dangerous man on the planet, a false messiah, hiding behind a purchased public persona. His infamous solution to C02 = P*S*E*C with complete disregard of environmental sinking response, and his emphasis on population reduction that has fueled much debate among conspiracy analysts as to his true intent.

    Was it a Freudian slip? Surely he must be aware of the consensus among those who have been left to heal the broken lives shattered in the wake of his GAVI blanket vaccine campaigns, that reductions in disease correlate much closer with clean potable water supplies, hygiene education, and clean waste management than his inoculations.

    The strategy employed by nearly all totalitarian Marxist regimes, and we are on the verge of a global neo-marxist dictatorship right now, is elimination of the common intelligentsia, dissenters, critics, and useful idiots – if they were traitorous to the previous order, they can never be trusted.

    So while many thinking people are awake to the propaganda and dissonance and identify with an alternative reality to that being foisted on the gullible, they could be falling into a trap. Many of these people believe Gate’s population reduction wish will be implemented in a vaccine incorporating a death switch or disease susceptibility, or they comprehend the pure idiocy of vaccinating billions with an untried gene therapy which nobody knows what will result within a year or ten.
    But just maybe the opposite is true, perhaps they will unleash a real pandemic after this, and the type of people they want to survive will accept their the vaccine, the gullible, the compliant, the fearful, the cattle and sheep, the zombies.

    Their experiments with microcephaly, a condition that could now be engineered into vaccines, may fulfill the elitist Corporate Co-ops dream of breeding a subservient zombie sub-race. Sounds crazy I know, but look how crazy the world has become in just months.

    • John Francis says:

      Video was from 2011 I believe , so we reflect on worldwide changes since then in virtually ever aspect of culture.
      Who knows what is possible for scientists to concoct in the lab but it seems like Dr Shi, batwoman, and associates were enhancing the virus to do what?
      Now propaganda is spouting virus was not from lab.
      Something so simple,yet media keeps suppression of truth to leave us confused. Get one of numbers down to zero Bill states ,and perhaps they can do it in near future.
      If there is no God ,who loves us , then it’s all over for my grandchildren.
      Yet in my Catholic view of Eschatology, it seems that chastisements are under way and about to get intense.
      We are indeed in the throes of a tremendous spiritual battle, a battle won in eternity. God is not mocked forever.

  8. TomRude says:

    It has always been the same agenda.

  9. EternalOptimist says:

    open offer to Gates.
    I am not a betting man Bill, but I will bet you all my wealth that your windows os will cause me more problems in the next 30 days than man made climate change will in the next 30 years.

  10. Peter Carroll says:

    Poor Bill. For all his “tech savvy”, business acumen and wealth, he displays an appalling ignorance of not only the earth’s climate, but Covid-19 as well.
    There is nothing “novel”, about a corona virus. Influenza is a corona virus, as is SARS, MERS, and who knows how many other ailments.
    He also lapses into the usual vague generalities about CC. Politicians use terms like, “Building and deploying innovations”, without knowing what they are on about. (But it sounds good.)Or “Eliminate our GHG emissions”, but they never actually state what these, “emissions” are.
    Go back to sleep Bill.

  11. The ill-informed often write about how humans have emitted x Gigatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and that this is the cause of the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere; causing the earth’s atmosphere to become warmer.

    What no one seems to understand, when espousing this fallacy, is that there is this thing called “The Carbon Cycle” and that there is this immutable law of nature; namely that nature abhors a vacuum. If there is plenty of fodder, animals breed to the point where there is a balance. It is the same with the carbon cycle. If there is a more plentiful supply of CO2 plants grow more prolifically and consume that surplus. In the case of the carbon cycle there is a deficit. Sometimes, the carbon dioxide becomes locked up for million of years, if not indefinitely, and that is why carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere have been declining since this planet’s biosphere matured into an enduring and life-giving entity.

    NASA satellite observations indicate that the earth has become “greener” over the last 50 or so years. By this they mean they have been able to approximately measure the area of leaves of all plant life. The amount that this area has increased is supposedly around twice the size of the Continental USA. I have read that this increase equates to around 16% of all the land-borne (arable land) flora. Leaf area is roughly proportional to a plant’s ability to convert CO2 through photosynthesis into starches, sugars and cellulose with the by-product of this conversion being oxygen.

    Once again, as a result of satellites, it has now been established that the greater proportion of the photosynthesis in this world, ie, the conversion of CO2 into carbohydrates, cellulose and oxygen happens in the sea, not on the land. So if the land-borne flora’s leaf area has increased by some figure greater than, say, 10% , it is probable there has been a similar increase in the oceans as well.

    It has also been estimated that mankind’s contribution of CO2 into the atmosphere is somewhere in the vicinity of 3 to 4%. In other words, the biosphere’s ability, on land and in the oceans of the world, to dispose of CO2 has risen by many times mankind’s contribution. And yet CO2 concentrations are still rising. This points to the obvious fact that the rise in CO2 concentration is not solely because of mankind’s input. Something else is causing this increased concentration and all evidence points to the sea expiring CO2.

    Space does not allow me to deal with arguments that isotopic analysis of the carbon in carbon dioxide points to it being primarily from mankind. Suffice to say that there are other, more scientific and logically based, reasons for the change in concentration of isotopes of carbon in the atmosphere.

    I am forever disappointed that our scientific community has let every one down. Anthropogenic Global Warming(AGW) has been proven, in my opinion, to be wrong in so many different ways. Tony’s erudite and persistent analysis of past data is one of those methodologies for showing the fallacy that is AGW. There are also sound scientific reasons why AGW is pseudo-science of the worst possible kind.

    This fraud is being perpetrated upon a scientifically illiterate population governed by people who are a mirror of their constituents, that is, also scientifically illiterate. I’m hopeful one day the truth of this will come out.

    • just a thought says:

      Very interesting web page you have.

      On the topic of “an Agora”.
      Until I read the fine print under the photo, I thought it some place like Detroit. :o|

      As to your other material, what I’ve read is practical and the the kind of info an engineer considers (which is why we know Gates isn’t an engineer), and the way one presents it.

      Just scanning the part about Bombay, I realized that the globalist “solution” of reducing population is not a solution, because fewer people who don’t know what they are doing, won’t make life any better for those who are left.

      There was a time when I thought that we (the world) was on track trying to solve problems for everyone. It seems that greedy self interests have hijacked the process, and are now only working for what they think is best for themselves, not realizing that what’s bad for everyone else couldn’t possibly be good for them in the long run either.

  12. just a thought says:

    COVID-19 is awful. Democrats ARE worse. Always have been, always will be.

  13. aeroearth says:

    I went off Bill Gates when I realised that he was selling truly awful software and with a world wide monopoly knew that and had absolutely no intention to do anything about it. Would send out bug fixes that cured two bugs and created another twenty. Worse when asked to share a small part of his wealth with the USA Software Engineers that created it for him, fired them and sent to the work to India who were demonstrably no good at it.
    Bill Gates is not a Physicist or Engineer SO TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO NOTICE OF BILL GATES’ CLIMATE ALARMIST CALLS. It’s all crap, just like his software.

  14. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    For someone who reputed to be imaginative it is remarkable that Gates holds such a high price per ton of avoided emissions as believable, inevitable, acceptable.

    Is he perhaps intending to make business out of this imagined nascent calamity?

    If the price can be established at $3000 or more, and the quantity to “avoid” is so massive, it is conceivable that all the wealth in the world could be accumulated in the hands of one giant corporation.

    Interesting goal for someone in their senescent years.

  15. spike55 says:

    Tony, did you mean

    Bill Gates couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous ?

    As you say.. he keeps proving he has lots more idiocy left in his tank.!

  16. MGJ says:

    I suggest the biggest, potentially civilisation-ending crisis facing humanity is the prevalence of virtue signalling. Both by influential, attention-addicted megalomaniacs such as Gates but also by the ‘little’ people who lap it up, desperate to appear ‘concerned’ about…well…something.

    At a pinch, we’re probably smart enough to survive all but the worst natural disasters but the human created ones – the terrible decisions made by the elites, on the basis of bogus virtue and ‘concern’ – are another matter entirely.

  17. So let me kill more CO2 emitters with my poisonous vaccines.

    Ok Bill, then if sea level rise is sp dore, then why did you buy a $32million home on beach?
    Oh yeah, so didnt Gore and Obama!!

    • John F. Hultquist says:

      The Del Mar place is >12 feet above the water, price was $43 M, and Bill is 64 years old.
      Sea level will have to go up about 6 inches per year for Bill to begin to worry. Besides, this is likely an investment and temporary entertainment place. Very likely to sell to another person or group within 10 years.
      Their long term home is in Medina, WA — $160 M (a M a year in property taxes) and 60 feet above ocean level.
      Al Gore, I don’t think, has a beach place but the ex-wife may still have the “ocean-view” place purchased just before they split. The Obama place is at about 9 feet above sea level.
      Each of these folks will sell at a profit, so we need not worry about them.
      “The Devil Is in the Details”

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