Guardian 2005 : Bird Flu To Kill 150 Million

Why didn’t we lock down?

Bird flu pandemic ‘could kill 150m’ | World news | The Guardian

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7 Responses to Guardian 2005 : Bird Flu To Kill 150 Million

  1. Steve says:

    Well, to be fair, he was right! It killed between “5” and 150 million people.

  2. kzvx says:

    Says it all about the useless Guardian

  3. Mac says:

    Why didn’t we lock down? The simple and obvious answer is that it wasn’t an election year, where the incumbent was despised by the corrupt corpo-globalist deep state and its leftist lackeys in the newsmedia.

    This virus is nothing. It kills old and unhealthy people. That’s it. I said it on March 1st, and everything I predicted since then has come true, right down to Democrat governors in swing states upping the hysteria and the increasing the oppressiveness of their lockdowns. Anyone who claims this is a serious situation is either lying, or is thoroughly ignorant of science. All of this is being done to get rid of Trump, and it’s a global effort.

  4. Cynical Seamus says:

    Marginally off topic, but relevant in the wider scope of Covid-19.
    The guy has dug around a bit and unearthed some interesting stuff – possibly.

  5. nfw says:

    Yep, another great con by the lefties and “experts”. Don’t forget mad cow disease too.

  6. Dion says:

    The reason is pretty well documented. The Bird flu viruses would have to make at least two genetic mutations before they could be transmitted readily from human to human in the same way COVID has. This didn’t occur. Nor did signs of a pandemic. Looks like we dodged a bullet on that one.

  7. mikegeo says:

    Yeh, another Neil Ferguson fiasco.
    I’ve been reading that the lockdown nonsense is from a model of what it “might” do started by a 14 year old girl on a computer model – never vetted.

    Sounds about right for virus modelling and Ferguson would be proud of her. Junk science that we’re all guinea pigs for against our wishes.

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