Lockdown And Mask Mandate In Peru

Peru had a hard lockdown in late March, and a mask mandate in early April.

Same story in New Mexico.

New Mexico Coronavirus: 20,796 Cases and 651 Deaths (COVID-19 ) – Worldometer

Here is the governor lecturing attacking New Mexico residents for defying her dictatorial powers.

Government doesn’t control viruses. They are going to spread through the population until herd immunity is reached.

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13 Responses to Lockdown And Mask Mandate In Peru

  1. G W Smith says:

    “I know better than you,” she says. Understand!
    She’s why people are going out of state.
    Liberals hate to admit when they are not in control.
    Then they get angry and violent. Like children.

  2. Mark Luhman says:

    “Government doesn’t control viruses. They are going to spread through the population until herd immunity is reached.” So true all the morons do is slow it down so the misery index can be high, save lives maybe due to the virus but in the end they will be more suicide and drug OD in the end so the reality might well be more lives loss. Yet when you point that out, you are a denier!

    • Russ Wood says:

      -And in South Africa, it’s also STARVATION! With up to 30% of the working population out of work, because businesses have closed (some for ever), there is a large fraction of the population unable to buy food. The ANC government has run out of Other People’s Money, and even before that, were unable to help the needy. What with politicians stealing food parcels, politically connected crooks stealing support money, it could drive you to drink! Oh! But consuming alcoholic drinks is now ILLEGAL, ‘cos we have a Prohibition in force, as well as curfews and bans on visiting.

  3. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Tony, I can’t make out the tiny, fuzzy type in the screenshot of Kenneth Richard’s tweet. Clicking on the image didn’t make it bigger.

    How about a direct link to the tweet? Just a suggestion.

  4. kzvx says:

    Amen. We’ve been saying this all along! Why don’t the powers-that-be understand this?

  5. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Took some digging, but I found the tweet. Here’s the link to the article shown on the right side of the tweet: https://twitter.com/Kenneth72712993/status/1290021292213706753/photo/2

    (Hope this works…)

  6. Scissor says:

    At the very least, masks are not effective. Dutch medical advisors think that mask wearing might be counterproductive.

  7. gregole says:

    Ignorant little control freaks.

    God help us if this pandemic was something really awful.

  8. Eric says:

    Hi Tony. My wife and I live in Peru. We had CCPV-19 in early March, along with 2 other couples. All in 57-59 age range, we all survived easily. Two weeks with fever, a little dry congestion in the lungs, body aches. We are not counted in the Peru case count, nor are we counted in the recovered count. We asked for tests, but only people who were sick enough to go to a hospital were tested. I met a woman at a celebratory get-together on Saturday. She said she had CCPV-19 virus in December. Another person not counted. Additionally, there are no antibody tests available here, so we don’t know how much herd immunity there is here. I do know way more people have had the virus than what the numbers reported show.

    • Fruitloops says:

      Hi erik, in live here too… i’m curious as to why you think your flu was covid? I also have friends here who say they had covid, but none of them were tested (a wise move) and their symptoms are indistinguishable from a flu or harsh flu in any other year.

  9. Mark Jebe says:


    Have you considered the international reaction to the release of COVID-19 has accomplished much of what Bill and Melinda Gates proposed at the Agenda 2030 conference, forcing most of the world’s populations into minimalist lifestyles and reducing CO2 emissions, thus saving the planet?

    China and the WHO were major players at the conference, which took place in New York in October 2019. On the final day the conferees war gamed an imaginary pandemic caused by a new Chinese Corona virus that jumped the species barrier to humans. The actions agreed by the Agenda 2030 conferees included halting all travel and, instead of quarantines for those infected, mandatory stay at home orders for the world’s populations in general.

    According to Taiwanese sources, the first person to die of COVID-19-like symptoms was an elderly dementia sufferer who lived about a mile from the infamous Wuhan wet market. He died in mid-November, about 3 weeks after the Agenda 2030 conference. Not only had he not been to the wet market, he’d been confined to his apartment for several years.

    Do you find it suspicious that PRECISELY the situation war gamed at an international conference sponsored by the world’s richest global Warming fanatic, and dominated by China and the WHO became a reality just 3 weeks later?

    Consider; following the recommendations established at Bill Gates’ Agenda 2030 conference has allowed China to crush the western world’s economies and allowed Mr. Gates to accomplish his climate control goals 10 years early.

    Just a thought.

  10. Phil. says:

    The New Mexico graph is rather simplistic, showing only one action taken. In reality many more actions have been taken:

    Relaxation at the end of May/beginning of June was followed by a steep rise starting in the middle of June. Effective 13 July the governor re-enacted restrictions and two weeks later the sharp drop in cases started. An additional 10,000+ cases occurred during that spike.

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