New Video : COVID Stalemate

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  1. Jan Goffa says:

    Dear Tony,

    do you know the difference between Covid 19 and Rhinovirus (see graph) ? Because that’s the virus of the second wave in Europe. But no one (except Wikipedia) tells us that Rhonovirus is a simple flu …. and fears and lockdowns are spread again …

  2. Walter L. Wagner says:

    Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc would probably work to lessen Rhinovirus infection, too.

  3. Walter L. Wagner says:

    excellent graph. could you provide a link? i found one but it only goes to mid-july.

  4. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    Replies are not being posted here as they’re submitted, so there is a chance that somebody else already posted this, but here’s the URL for the Dutch graph given above by Jan Goffa:
    There is an English version of the Dutch site, but I couldn’t find an analogous page in English for what we see above. The “Flu and flu jab” page was last updated in mid-February.
    It would be great if someone found (and provided the link to) a similarly detailed informative graph for other countries, especially the USA.

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