New Video : Communist Free Zone

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  1. Daniel Fox says:

    I am a like minded Jew and would value becoming part of the same circle of community. I currently live in Denver and am also appalled at was is happening to this state, this nation and the world. The cycle repeats.

  2. Kevin C Williams says:

    This (see link below) was one of the worst if not the worst article on AGW Google News and weather has ever pushed to my feed. Pretty sure the comments section (especially comments by the non-scientist author) *were* the worst. Anyway, sorry to be off-topic but I wasn’t sure how to contact you. Maybe you could do a video on this article. I was struck by how the author has a view similar to yours but flipped 180 degrees (in his world view, it’s the climate scientists who have truth but very little influence or assistance from the press or politicians etc on their side. Sigh).

  3. Niven Dyer says:

    Hi Tony, giving you a heads up on your last video about the covid protests in London.

    The video that you used saying that it was trafalgar square in London was not Trafalgar square. It was actual video from a protest in Belarus.

    Please can you change or retract as its not going to do your cred any good. I bust my balls trying to get people to listen to you and a lot are waking up. Unfortunately this mistake has undermined some of the great work you do.

    Best wishes. :)

  4. Mikael Reichel says:

    Tony, please take a look at this;

  5. wm harvey, PE says:

    Graduated Ga Tech in 1974. Worked in Alaska for 32-yrs now retired. Registered in Ga and Alaska.

    Moved back to Ga but dont like it. Thinking of moving to Wy sos I can fly fish every day.

    Like ur input on


  6. HOJO says:

    forget the phone forget the sports on tv forget the indoors. I have been out in my beloved southern AZ desert more than ever and I am a better person for it. Everything in life has a ying and yang and the now movement has maybe opened up more sleeping people to the truth than ever before. Keep up the great work. You are an icon to me and we need more real truth tellers than ever before

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