Criminals And Criminal Fact Checkers

During October, President Trump said that Biden planned to end fracking.  The usual criminals in the “fact checking” business weighed in and said it was a false claim.

At the Vice-Presidential debate, Kamala Harris said :

“Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact”

And on the first day of the Biden administration, they said they were implementing  a fracking ban

Biden Administration: Yes, We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban by Katie Pavlich

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10 Responses to Criminals And Criminal Fact Checkers

  1. Jarcel says:

    I can only hope that the Republic will survive

  2. Leonard+Harris says:

    What we are witnessing is a grand crime in the course of being perpetrated. First they stole the election. Now they are setting out to destroy the prosperity that Trump gave to the people of the USA. Pray to God that they do not inflict too much damage over the next two years, and that the good people of the USA get a free and fair mid-term election in 2022, take control of both Houses in Congress and then successfully impeach all of them in double quick time.

  3. joel self says:

    They will say anything, do anything to grab the reigns of power. That includes rigging the election and future elections. Trump was the first to push back on world socialism and communism since Reagan. Now the enemy is at the gates and the gates are opening again.

  4. Ron says:

    I told people we would go back to expensive gas at the Pump. I also said “life will get harder and more expensive” just watch.

  5. Steve+Cooksey says:

    That’s why Biden didn’t get very many votes and they had to figure out a way to appoint him President.

  6. Aussie says:

    The Joebama govt is shaping up to be a horror story and its barely begun.

    The covid regulations, which are cover for endless and business-destroying regulations, the fracking ban, stopping Keystone, more money for windmills etc are total lunacy. To say nothing of the ridiculous masking.

    A key factor here is complete denial of science and reality.

    So we implement damaging wasteful and wrong policies and Joebama somehow believes people will benefit. The only beneficiaries are his friends in corporate land who will receive the lions share of the $2 trillion stimulus, none of which will reach main street.

  7. James S says:

    Isn’t this just typical politician-speak: for those who don’t want to ban fracking, Biden-Harris say prior to the election that they won’t; for those who do want a ban, they now say they are following through on their promise to do so. But in the fine print they say the ban only applies to “new” fracking on federal lands — they won’t stop any fracking that is already underway, or any fracking on state or private land. So it’s some of each, a big hedge that more or less allows them to have it both ways. Deceptive and deceitful, I’d agree, but the media allows them to talk in generalities that leave wiggle room.

  8. Tom Kunich says:

    I would like to comment on the real cause of climate change over geological times. It really is pretty simple to understand since we have geologic records of it happening.

    It doesn’t matter if a trace gas increases a tiny amount in the atmosphere. That is because the transfer of energy from the Sun’s emissions are almost entirely in the visible and high IR bands. While SOME of this energy from the Sun is reflected and NASA may tell you that it is ‘reradiated’ from the surface that is so small as to be indistinguishable from zero. Trees and other vegetation absorb almost the entire spectrum save green which is reflected from the chlorophyll and the seas reflect more or less a bluish color from the water, virtually all of the Sun’s energy is absorbed by the surface of the Earth and the 1% or so that isn’t used to grow plants is passed up through the atmosphere via conduction and convection. The temperature at Earth’s surface has absolutely nothing to do with the components of the atmosphere but simply by the density of the atmosphere which causes the individual molecules to respond to energy. Convection is the cause of wind and other weather patterns upon the earth which is also assisted by clouds which reflect almost the entire spectrum making warm and cool spots on the face of the Earth. Let’s start at an interglacial period such as we are presently in. Over time the Sun’s emissions gradually warm the oceans. So over time the air become progressively more humid over the majority of the Earth’s surface. This in turn causes clouds and these via very poor conduction and convection move up into higher level clouds. These in turn allow gradually less and less of the Sun’s emissions to strike the Earth’s surface and get into the lower, denser atmosphere. Hence land areas become colder and colder. This cycle is something like a couple of hundred thousands of years before the oceans have grown warm enough to cause the number of clouds to block off enough of the Sun to drop us out of an interglacial period and into an Ice Age. At this point it takes about maybe as much as 100,000 more years of a frozen atmosphere to be cloudless before the oceans heat enough to begin causing clouds again. Now of course all of this varies a great deal because of continental drift causing limitations on ice extent, etc. before the establishes itself. But then we go rather rapidly into another Interglacial Period. Where we presently are is that the continental drift has pretty much stabilized to a point where the motion of the continents are balanced around the globe and they are only drifting back and forth. This is why presently the North American continent is moving westwards. This pulls the land out from under the east coast making it appear to be raising sea levels when it is falling land levels. And this could make falling sea levels appear on the Pacific coast except that the American continents are pushing into the ocean deeps so instead we appear to have to tide level changes. Where the South American continental shelf supports the island chains they are actually raising as one would expect. Whether this oscillation in the climate will eventually stabilize is perhaps a question in in the near geologic term that is pretty much out of the question.

    Tony Heller is a nuts and bolts scientist. He achieved all he has by careful and arduous application of very fine details to things like microprocessor design. I, on the other hand have had much higher level projects in which I have to try to understand the overall picture of what is going on. This has caused me to be able to discover things like errors in programming languages that no one could either find nor understand. In several cases, I had to use this concept to correct PhD physicists when project were not responding to their predictions. This has led to too much foolishness on my part since theories always contain many, many errors and must be refined down to the truth. Much of this was applied to medical instrumentation and laboratory instruments such as chromatographs.

    While I see this climate change as an extremely complex subject, I also see a quite simple causation.

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