“The Most Dangerous Thing In The Western Hemisphere”

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  1. Anon says:

    The next time they complain about the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence, you can feed the same argument back to them. At the time, the colonial population of the cities was greater than the population of the Native Americans. It does not matter that the Indians lived on a greater land mass.

    Likewise if you were to run the United Nations based on population, the organization and hence the globe would be controlled by China and India. But that will never happen, for the same reason the EU will never be democratic, because as you incorporate more and more people from Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Turkey, Germany & France would run from Istanbul instead of Brussels.

    And Israel is in the same situation. How are you going to have a Jewish state controlled by Muslims?

    And as soon as they don’t have a majority going along with what they are saying, then they declare minorities are being oppressed (Palestinians for example)… and round and round it goes, as you try to find the pea under the shell.

    The people you are interacting with are not deep thinkers. All they do is reflexively spew out an answer, any answer, that superficially suffices to end the conversation in their favor.

  2. Daniel Smeal says:

    Great, honest, video. BLM needs to change their name to NLM (no lives matter) or MLM (my life matters). If they really cared about black lives, they would be working to stop the black on black violence and murders in the big cities and would work to improve the run down neighborhoods, not instigating riots that further decay them.

  3. arn says:

    Now that’s some interessting attitude from people who
    are in love with two mass murdering religions as islam and marxism.

    Compared to the fact that marxism and islam still kill many people with famines and terror your constitution can be called superadvanced (and still miles ahead of the idiotideologies)as your country was already in better shape 250 years ago than others are now.

    Of course the tweet has another purpose.
    Educational propaganda to make people accept the end of the constitution
    and its replacement by cryptomarxist UN law.
    There will be a permanent increase in such propaganda the closer we get to 2020.

  4. oldefarte says:

    This seemingly rote repetition of the “people vote, not land” argument is a clear borrowing from the Sup. Ct. decision in Reynolds v. Sims, which was the basis for a goodly number of states essentially dumping the traditional bicameral legislature (similar to the way the Fed’l Legislature is composed) in favor of purely population based bodies (a decision which has proven disastrous in practice, leaving non-urban dwellers little more than subjugated colonials in their own state). In that case, however, what the Court said was “people vote, not TREES”. It’s an interesting substitution on the part of your correspondents – one suspects that most of these writers conceive themselves as environmentalists and trees hold an almost sacred place in their pantheon, hence the use of “land” instead. Of course, the subordination of the nation to the urban masses has probably been one of the most environmentally harmful trends in the years since SCOTUS’ decision, but we’re not talking about reality here so such inconsistencies probably don’t trouble these folks.

  5. David A Nichols says:

    Very good, Tony. Very good, indeed.

  6. Bob Hoye says:

    I had not seen those statements by Malcolm X.
    Now filed.

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