24 Hour Propaganda Cycle

On November 24, CNN was touting the success of injections in Israel, their policy of  discrimination against the uninjected, and the Israeli government making it clear that no one is ever fully vaccinated.

Israel’s Covid-19 vaccine booster rollout has lessons for the world – CNN

The following day the Times of Israel said cases were spiking in Israel.

‘Bad omens’: Optimism over Israel’s child vaccine marred by COVID spike — expert | The Times of Israel

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14 Responses to 24 Hour Propaganda Cycle

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Four injections now in Israel – and a total travel ban “it is just for two weeks”.

    • arn says:

      The term holocaust is being abused for pathetic things as climate change ,
      where climate deniers are considered as bad as holocaust deniers.

      Now i really do not understand why people in Israel don’t at least try to use this method so that at least the children who absolutely don’t need this vaccine
      and have nothing to win but everything to lose with this experimental drug
      are being excluded from the vaccination.
      Considering that for them the jab makes neither sense from a logical nor from a medical perspective it is about time to find ways to counter this Draconian nonsense which is nothing more than a forced lifelong mandatory subscription (which is a door opener to another new trillion dollar business = medicine for vaccine caused side effects )
      on behalf of the pharmamafia.

  2. Dave N says:

    What the world could learn is that the vaccines are not as effective as they thought, probably to the point that we’d have saved more lives by not having any at all, or just targeted the most vulnerable; as long as the recipients weren’t at more risk of dying from the vaccine itself.

  3. ravs says:

    Here is what the prospective buyer for this fake-news channel had to say about it –
    “CNN Needs ‘Actual Journalists'”-

  4. Remember — this is still an experimental remedy — testing is still ongoing … and the drug companies are making millions.

  5. Liv says:

    Israel has to get worse before she gets better…sad what she’s doing with COVID.

  6. Navy B. says:

    The Israeli government is killing Israeli kids and young people, among others:
    Dr Vernon Coleman – “Studies suggest that 20% of Children with Myocarditis are dead in two years and 50% are dead in five years”

  7. Gabriel Cisneros says:

    Why can’t we just get sick? Isn’t that one of our human rights?

  8. Janet Marshall says:

    As of the 2nd December 2021 I will officially be a segregated second class citizen in NaZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziland, with access only to food, Pharma drugs and petrol.
    The usual markets we cannot attend SO there will be a new weekly ‘open for all’ market in my town on the 5th December which I shall attend and support. There will be more and more of this as the unjibbied make our own society. The names of the businesses supporting this apartheid will not be forgotten.

  9. Mary I. says:

    Tony, I hope you can take a look at this video of an analysis of patterns in adverse events reported to VARS. If this is real, it suggests something quite disturbing. Hope someone here can take a look and report what they think.

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