70% Of Nothing

In 2012 The Guardian said that 70% of sea ice loss was man-made.

Loss of Arctic sea ice ‘70% man-made’ | Climate crisis | The Guardian

There has been no change in Arctic sea ice extent over the past fifteen years, and the minimum this year was up 37% from 2012.


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7 Responses to 70% Of Nothing

  1. Paul Marks says:

    My dear friends the Guardian. Interesting how this socialist newspaper, which covered up the murder of millions of people by Stalin and other Marxist rulers, is now funded by Bill Gates of the “Davos” crowd.

  2. Thomas Fowler says:

    As usual for the left, facts are irrelevant. Only the narrative is important. It is permitted to say anything that advances the global warming narrative, in order to scare people into doing something, which probably won’t have any effect.

  3. Stuart Hamish says:

    I think you are confusing The Guardian with Walter Duranty and The New York Times covering up Stalin’s crimes . The original Manchester Guardian was founded on, and funded by , the profits of plantation slavery ….I’m surprised The Guardian’s pretentious woke readership have not demanded the paper be dismantled and canceled ” on principle” like the statues of slavers explorers and confederate generals ….On second thoughts I’m not surprised when you consider the affluent shiraz socialists and green left loons that love the rag .
    Then there is the controversy surrounding The Guardian’s parent company and its Caribbean tax haven riches ..

  4. Steve Case says:

    70% of nothing. Reminds me of Methane that is 86 times more powerful than CO2.

    Any time you see a statistic that uses a multiple or fraction of nothing or nearly nothing you’re probably looking at a classic case of misdirection and bullshit.

    FDR famously said in one of his fireside talks, “This yeah America produced twice as many B-29 bombers than it did last yeah.” My father was outraged because he knew that last year exactly two were produced. My search for that FDR quote comes up empty but my mother’s recollection of the incident is gold in my book.

  5. Stuart Hamish says:

    The melt pace of Greenland’s ice sheets is no more rapid today than the 1920’s and 30’s [ coinciding with the positive phase of the AMO ] Short term shrinkage of the Greenland ice cap also occurred in the 1950’s . So the attribution of 70 % of Arctic ice depletion to human induced climate change is fanciful . The Greenland data shows recovery and relative stability after 2012 /13 . So much for The Guardian’s scare stories ‘ Ice sheet update [2] : Greenland Ice Sheet Melting No Faster Than Last Century , Nov. 1 , 2021 , Science Under Attack

  6. Daniel Smeal says:

    The Guardian. Shouldn’t this publication be displayed next to all the other bullcrap tabloids on the racks at grocery store checkouts? Or maybe it already is.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Luckily for me I have an automatic BS filter on my eyeballs. I read “The Guardian” in the attribution and I know the whole article will be a lie.

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