COP 26 – Last Chance To Save The Climate

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4 Responses to COP 26 – Last Chance To Save The Climate

  1. Brent Schott says:

    I used to say: Give me 5 minutes and a pencil and I can show anyone with basic math skills why CO2 cannot heat the atmosphere , and that all of my scientific bullet points could be verified…. now I go to google scholar and everything on atmospheric heating relates to greenhouse gases. I cannot find one single paper about how the atmosphere is heated via BB radiation emissions from the earth, also gone are any papers showing CO2 releases it’s stored energy kinetically on random vectors, and how that energy can only be absorbed by the earth and retransmitted as heat in wavelengths we can measure. Just more censorship of valid science…. or have my 50 years made me misremember how it works?

  2. toorightmate says:

    What dumb bloody animals you have shown here!!!!!
    Don’t they know we are at (or past) a TIPPING POINT?

  3. Ron says:

    it’s one of those if you say it enough times it becomes real kind of things.

  4. Larry Weeden says:

    Wonderful Video…all God’s blessings to you, Kirye, & dogs!

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