Restoring The Safe Climate Of 250 Years Ago

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3 Responses to Restoring The Safe Climate Of 250 Years Ago

  1. John Francis says:

    Now the Communists will have to have a brainstorming meeting( minimum brains in communist skulls so many bodies needed) to start a new agenda in order to subjugate the masses.

    • Richard says:

      A construction Worker had a crane fall on his head- doctor saved him but he needed a new brain – so man goes to doctor to discuss which brains were for sale and avaliblity
      Doctor shows him a chart with brains per pound
      Plumbers brains- $27.50 per pound
      Ho Wood actors brains (Whoppie or Joy Reid) $125 per pound – BUT Doc said they are always on a recall
      DNC Politician $15,25 per pound- BUT you dont want those they never work correctly
      BLM OWL or Woke students $500 per pound –
      WOW the man says- Doc why so expensive?
      Doctors says- DO you have any idea how many we have to catch to make a pound of

  2. NixonScraypes says:

    Ferreting around the subject I found a glorious piece about it from a Californian child care facility wittily called a university. Without a shred of irony, they were using it in a piece about the, wait for it…. Anthropocene! I had to look that up and to my dismay, it meant what I dismally expected and you’re probably wearily familiar with. Is there any hope? In great admiration of your Sisyphusian labours, Nix.

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