The War Criminals Return To Germany

“Germany’s incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in favor of introducing mandatory coronavirus vaccination for all Germans as early as February”

Olaf Scholz wants mandatory coronavirus vaccination for Germans by February – POLITICO

“1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

Nuremberg Code — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

68% of Germans are “fully vaccinated” and cases are skyrocketing. India is 31% “fully vaccinated” and COVID-19 has nearly disappeared.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data

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16 Responses to The War Criminals Return To Germany

  1. arn says:

    This was obvious as the government is now mostly run by professional dogooders.
    Socialists and green party, therefore International fascism(marxism)
    is to be expected.

    Last time these 2 parties were ruling the biggest reduction in social spendings happened ( it can’t get more Orwellian than that ).
    They knew they couldn’t do this as long the german rinos / republican version ( CDU, FDP)
    are in charge,but as soon as it was done by the german democrats version ( Spd/Grune) everything was fine.

    Now this trick is being repeated again.

    Btw – in Australia they are already one step ahead and are pushing for a “trusted digital ID system” (which will later on be combined with the vax pass i guess ).
    You can be sure that soon Joe B will be told by his handlers that this is also a good idea for the USA .

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      I hope that some Aussies had enough sense to hide a bunch of military grade weapons, or that some portion of the military steps in on behalf of the people.

  2. Thomas Fowler says:

    They’ll be reopening the camps soon for the unvaxxed. Given that the vaccine doesn’t work as a vaccine, but maybe as an immune system booster, it’s amazing that so many countries think that it will solve their problems, despite clear evidence that it won’t.

  3. Tony Nicholls says:

    Comparing German to Indian new daily Covid cases per million people is invalid. It assumes the same percentage of people in each country who catch Covid get tested! In all probability far more people per million in Germany get tested than in India. The only robust comparison is hospital admissions with Covid or better still (Covert – sorry that was a typo) Covid deaths.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      But a few months ago India had more COVID case, by many times, than Germany. Perhaps Germans are testing more now because they are more concerned, and Indians are testing less because they don’t think they have a problem. In any case, the German cases have risen sharply while the Indian cases have fallen. You might know more by doing a random test of 1000 people in each country. The interesting case is Sweden, where cases are rising slowly, even though they are in the north and have about the same vaccination rate as most of Western Europe. Has their policy of living as normally as possible through the start of the pandemic finally provided the herd immunity they hoped for? Cases are rising faster in Portugal and Spain, even though they are among the most highly vaccinated populations in Europe. They are also listed as two European countries with Omicron. It will be intriguing to see if Omicron fulfills its current hope: contagious but mild. If so, that might be beneficial if it gives immunity against other variants.

    • dm says:


      India does 125 tests per infection. Germany does 5. So, perhaps Germany is under testing. Source:

      C19 deaths in India over the past month are LESS than 10% of the record high for a month (May 2021). That is BETTER than the situation in Germany where deaths are 25+% of the record high (January 2021). Sources: &

  4. Laurie says:

    Thank you, Sir, for being a wise stalwart for the truth!

  5. Cheshire Red says:

    There’s constant referrals online to India transforming the number of cases in Utter Pradesh, using good ol’ Ivermectin.

    Tens of thousands of daily cases reduced to a trickle of a few hundred.

    Naturally this is proving hard to confirm given the authorities have banned Ivermectin in order to enable vaccines to get emergency clearance.

    As far as I can see it works a treat.

    If so, can someone explain how government actions to ban a workable, cheap and abundantly available treatment in lieu of vaccines that have dubious efficacy during a pandemic which has avoidably killed millions aren’t equivalent to corporate manslaughter?

    • arn says:

      “If votig made a difference,they wouldn’t let us do it”

      Mark Twain

      “If ivermectin didn’t work they wouldn’t have banned it”


      Just like cfc’s iverctimin was banned because the patents ran out and big corp can no longer profit.
      There is no scientific base to demonize Iverctimin and HCQ(which got the co2 treatment just because it was recommended by Trump )all of a sudden
      especially not during the pandemic.

      But by some strange coincidence they ,and after all that years,
      both lost their “reputations” during the era where they are needed the most.

      As if someone is interessted in keeping infection statistics high.

  6. war is peace says:

    Meanwhile, in California:
    Vaccine mandate suspended for the prisons, but not for the children –

  7. Jessica Pohl says:

    The new Fuehrer will have it easy. Good Gauleiters aren’t hard to find in the era of the woke and their toadies.

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