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Olympics Propaganda Coup

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Olympics Propaganda Coup

The CCP and their affiliates in the US press are about to pull a climate propaganda coup over the upcoming Winter Olympics – which are being held in a place which normally receives no precipitation during the winter. Zhangjiakou and … Continue reading

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Biblical Disaster Coming

The people who revealed much of the COVID/vaccine scam say global warming is about to kill us.

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Building Back Better With Biden

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Building Back Better

On December 19, 2021 atmospheric CO2 hit a December record of 417.49 PPM. Mauna Loa CO2 weekly mean and historical comparisons (text) or (CSV) Crude oil prices are up 240% since last year’s pretend election. Gas Station Price Charts – Local & … Continue reading

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Israel Waves The White Flag

Serious cases in Israel increase 10X and the government starts scaling back 100 weeks of tyranny – which accomplished nothing – other than tyranny.

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Pavlov’s Humans

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Climate Whiplash In 1950

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Arctic Melting Twice As Fast As The Rest Of The Planet

“Now onto something that not only shows how … much we humans have impacted our environment. This is a comparison shot of the same place in the Arctic. The first was taken in 1917 and the second in 2020. They … Continue reading

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January 26, 1950 – One Of The Most Extreme Days On Record

On January 26, 1950 the US had a temperature range of 153 degrees. It was 96F at Rio Grande City, Texas and -57F at Chester, Montana. The coldest temperature in Texas was 4F, so that state had a spread of … Continue reading

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