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“Britain Is Spending £37 Billion to Make Energy-Supply Crisis Worse”

Why Britain Is Spending £37 Billion to Make Energy-Supply Crisis Worse – Bloomberg

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US Annual Tornado Death Tolls, 1875-present – NSSL News

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Fifty Years Of Environmental Activism

On May 28, 1972 I testified at a Congressional subcommittee meeting held at Kanab, Utah in support of a wilderness area. “May 28, 1972 Road, Wilderness Topic of Debate on Glen Canyon “Seven congressmen, more than 70 witnesses and 350 … Continue reading

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Record Heat Of July 1901

The second hottest July in the US occurred in 1901. 2 Jul 1901, Page 1 – The St Louis Republic at Graphing The 1901 heatwave killed thousands of people in New York.

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Landmark United Nations Report

The United Nations has determined that climate change will allow the same fuel to burn over and over again. year after year. Climate Change Could Increase Risk of Wildfires 50% by Century’s End – The New York Times

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“10 steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint”

The US Forest Service started the largest wildfire in recent New Mexico history, and the Washington Post responded by telling people to lower their carbon footprint.  Forty years ago I worked as a wilderness ranger near the current burn area. … Continue reading

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Virginia Democrat Having Troubles In Wyoming

Virginia Democrat Liz Cheney is having problems generating support here in Wyoming. “A WPA Intelligence poll of Wyoming Republican primary voters conducted on behalf of Club for Growth PAC from May 24-25, 2022, shows that Harriet Hageman leads Liz Cheney … Continue reading

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“1531–1540 CE: The driest summer decade of the past five centuries? “

cp-2020-92.pdf “These four years apparently experienced drought, with 1540 & 1541 particularly dry – in both these latter years, the Thames was so low that sea water extended above London Bridge, even at ebb tide in 1541.” Weather in History … Continue reading

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Historic Heatwaves In Europe

“STATISTICS OF HOT SUMMERS. The excessive heat which prevail. at present (says a Paris paper) gives some interest to the following account of remarkably bot summers :—” In 1132 the earth opened, and the rivers and spring; disappeared in Alsace. … Continue reading

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Evidence Free Journalism

Journalism based entirely on folklore and fiction. “Animals around the world have been feeling the negative effects of climate change” Who may like climate change? Rattlesnakes, study suggests

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