New Jersey To Eliminate Carbon By 2035

“Less than a week after Minnesota joined 10 other states in setting lofty zero-emissions goals, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Wednesday that New Jersey will get more ambitious than most — aiming for 100% clean energy by 2035 instead of 2050.”

N.J. will now target 100% clean energy, require all-electric cars by 2035, Murphy says –

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12 Responses to New Jersey To Eliminate Carbon By 2035

  1. Trevor says:

    This is going to end badly. They are simply throwing monkey wrenches into the complex transportation system. It is gratuitous destruction.

  2. rah says:

    Now morons than ever will bail and bring their leftist BS to the red states where sanity still prevails.

    • arn says:

      Well, I think once the reality of green energy really kicks in
      and the number of GND refugees reaches millions
      even the majority of leftists will wake up.

      It is one thing freezing for a day or 2 and feeling heroic,
      but something completely different once you lost everything,own nothing and hate it and are forced to move a thousand miles away.
      Than it’ll become very dangerous for anyone outside NY and California to promote
      GND and AGW.

      And the cabal is 100% aware that they’ll lose 90% of all votes.
      Weather they will try to compensate this by totally rigging vote or systematically arming illegals?
      We will see.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        Contact your local GOP group and tell them that you want to organize people to harvest votes, if it is legal in your state. And that you want the GOP to hold workshops and enable you and others to do it, by providing voter lists etc. of GOP and independents and unregistered. Also you want voting machines replaced by paper ballots, hand count, supervised by both parties, not hired officials.

      • rah says:

        I would much prefer they stay right where they are and suffer the consequences of their votes for totalitarian wackos. Besides, what the hell are they doing moving to places where people cling to their bibles, guns, and traditional values? All things that they must dislike or fear.

        • arn says:

          They never do that.
          Especially not the leftists with a degree.
          They learned well which butt to kiss and for how long at college.

          They are the first and loudest to chant the newest Marxist paroles on campus
          and also the first to run away from the desaster they created
          and to avoid the consequences.
          And this happened since the beginning of the hippie era.
          Their communities failed because 90% never bothered to work,
          and after everything broke down they moved on to places they haven’t destroyed.
          And they moved especially away socially as the hippies became yuppies – but they took their drugs and degeneration with them.

          They are just as full of shit as the woke philanthropic oligarchs – their mini mes – ,
          maybe even worse, except that they never had that much money to do whatever they want to .

          Butt he difference nowadays is that they are running out of places they can run to
          – that’s why they are willing to ‘learn’ and to care instead of shitting on everything
          as leaving the shithole behind is no longer a real option

  3. Reid says:

    Planning to fail.

  4. Bob G says:

    I often listen to Andrew wilkow who lives in New Jersey.. he’s a talk show host on Sirius XM and he is hilarious. he says that the reason New Jersey is the garden State is because there wasn’t enough room on the license plate to put the industrial chemical oil refinery state. lol. so apparently New Jersey is advertising that they’re going to go out of business by 2035

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