ChatGPT Strikes Out

I asked ChatGPT three questions related to climate, and it got all of them wrong.

Wyoming – State Climate Summaries 2022


Temperature Changes in the United States – Climate Science Special Report

TimesMachine: October 9, 1938 –

National Report on Sustainable Forests–2010 | US Forest Service Research and Development

National Interagency Fire Center

Wayback Machine

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

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10 Responses to ChatGPT Strikes Out

  1. Greg in NZ says:

    Real intelligence v. artificial (non)intelligence: the skeptics win again, which isn’t hard when we’ve got Planet Earth backing us up..

    A storm with hurricane-force winds, causing 20-25 ft swells, and having dropped snow to low levels accompanied by frigid temps for the past 3 days here in New Zealand, doesn’t even rate a mention in our Artificial Media: they’re too busy reinforcing the nonsensical nonscience of a summer downpour, 8 weeks ago, ™proves™ men have destroyed ‘Mother Earth’ [ME-too?] and we need to make a Giant Leap Backwards.

    The ‘cults’ people will/still fall for…

    • conrad ziefle says:

      I was talking to an old friend yesterday and we discussed the colder, snowier weather, both here and in Colorado. I said that the GW experts had gotten it just exactly wrong. He responded with the latest Michael Mann defensive entrenchment, “Well, I think the theory is that things will get more extreme in both directions.”
      I said that they are just making that s up because their global warming model failed. There is nothing in their CO2 theory which could explain that. I should have been more patient, and said that the hot weather and the cold weather both have happened 50-100 years before, so how is the CO2 affecting things?

  2. GWS says:

    How could you get all three wrong? I’m shocked! — What planet does ChatGPT report from, by the way?

  3. John B says:

    “Just How Accurate Is ChatGPT? | Psychology Today Australia › blog › just-how-ac…
    6 Feb 2023 — ChatGPT represents a more sophisticated type of bullsh*tter, and we should not automatically assume its claims or arguments are accurate.”
    Well there you go, it is the equivalent of a politician selling Net Zero programs to the electorate.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    It is no surprise that Gerald Kutney, the one who is full of biomass, trusts ChatGPT’s fraudulent responses

  5. dm says:

    Did Al Gore also invent ChatGPT?

  6. D. Boss says:

    If the refutations you cite are available online, did you challenge the bot with these truths? It would be interesting to see how it responds when it is shown to be factually incorrect.

  7. ChatGPT mindlessly and uncritically parrots the crap it finds on the internet. Just like a real climate alarmist.

  8. Jim says:

    Well, true artificial intelligence (AI) really doesn’t exist yet. The press and many companies like to claim AI does exist, but ChatCPT is just machine learning algorithms hooked up to a search engine to gather selective data from questionable sources. What we’re seeing is just an accelerated version of the well known phenomenon of “garbage in produces garbage out.”

  9. conrad ziefle says:

    It’s like the phone companies AI, doesn’t answer your question, delays you and wastes your time getting a person who can answer your question. It just turns a bunch of written words, like Wikipedia, into spoken words and has limited decision-making capabilities, mainly attempting to lead you to one of their 5 canned answers.

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