Katie Hobbs’ Spokesperson

“Berry’s post came just hours after transgender Audrey Hale opened fire in a Christian elementary school and killed three nine-year-olds and three adults before police fatally shot her”

Dem Governor’s Spokesperson Resigns After Appearing To Post Threat Against ‘Transphobes’ Hours After Nashville Shooting | The Daily Caller

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12 Responses to Katie Hobbs’ Spokesperson

  1. arn says:

    That evolved extremely fast since Jane Fondas call for murder
    and it’s an extremely racist statement
    considering that almost all trannies are being killed by so called POC’s.

    And a more hoenest photo would have been that of a butt
    and her tongue and eyes closed
    as this is what she is really doing when the perpetrators have the right religion and /or color.

    On a positive note:She didn’t use a photo of the crappy Remake with Sharon Stone.

  2. GWS says:

    Great talk! Chris speaks so clearly and so perceptively! — I can’t disagree at all.

    Are Democrats Radicalizing Trans Activists?


  3. Disillusioned says:

    “Transphobe.” It’s a made-up, derogatory term, brought to us by the same ilk who brought us the term “Denier” to label skeptics, disbelievers and those who question their many unscientific, mainstream beliefs and/or superstitions. These superstitious believers sometimes lump the “deniers” in with a fringe element who think the earth is flat. These are very intentional, below-the-belt tactics.

    As for the manipulative term, “transphobe” I know of no one who is “phobic” of people suffering from gender dysphoria, anymore than they are “phobic” of people suffering from other mental illnesses. I know of no one who fears women who have an affinity for short haircuts and plaid flannel shirts, nor are afraid of men who prefer to wear makeup and dresses. The operative word is pity.

  4. DaveN says:

    Bottom line: Most Democrats are certifiably insane. Altruism and virtue signalling obliterates the rational.

    • Richard says:

      the GAY ones for sure, the Politicians them to and the Dem Voters
      I really want to know what they (Trannies) MEAN by EQUAL Rights?
      ? Right to dress like woman and hang junk out in ladies room
      ? right to be jailed with women so they can RAPE as they please
      ? right to rape boys and girls without arrest

      What Rights do they want

      • Disillusioned says:

        So, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I don’t think “gay” is the issue. There has been a small percentage of homosexuals in the human population for as long as we have historical records.

        I have a long-time friend who is very conservative, a Catholic, a man of integrity – someone who was instrumental in helping me to see why some of the moderate progressive beliefs I picked up in college were wrong. He is a libertarian, a political conservative raised in a conservative family whose parents voted for Goldwater and Reagan. He introduced me to the Mises Institute. He donates his money to conservative causes and is against all forms of political correctness. He also just so happens to be gay. He dated women when he was younger, but had no interest. He doesn’t flaunt what he is, and you would never know his orientation upon meeting him. He has friends, but has always lived alone and sadly never found someone with whom to intimately share his life.

        He is flatly against all of the politicized tranny stuff – against men in womens’ locker rooms, etc., putting men on womens’ sports competitions – everything we are appalled to see happening and which we know is subversive. He knows gender dysphoria is a rare mental disorder and understands all-too clearly that the Left are normalizing it as another blow in the “great brainwashing,” which Yuri Bezmenov warned us about four decades ago.

        • Richard says:

          OK – name one animal warm or cold blooded that become gay in last 3 million years of history AKA its not normal – it is a mental health issue – sucking on another mans pecker is not normal – the get classified all togther and like normal conservatives we have our issues as well- the LBGT and Trannies all show the same odd ball crap
          yes i have gay friends and relatives – they have the most roller coaster lives

        • An Inquirer says:

          Yes. I also know individuals who are gay, abhor the political agenda pushed by activists, vote conservative, believe it is ridiculous and abhorrent to talk with kids about sexual preferences, live a strict moral code, and want to blend into society rather than be identified as a separate group with preferential treatment. I have absolutely no problem with them, and I enjoy spending time with them and discussing the issues facing society.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    Yeah, Joss you are really sane. We need gun control for the clearly dangerous. That would include the chronically depressed and the sexually confused. Statistics support that. I would suggest that you should not be allowed to purchase a gun, and if you are found with a gun in possession, the penalty would be incarceration including extensive deprogramming.

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