Rapidly Shifting Scam

The press is starting to abandon their western megadrought scam, and replace it with some new scams centered around too much precipitation.

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6 Responses to Rapidly Shifting Scam

  1. Laurie says:

    Well, I genuinely hope everyone will soon realize pursuing worldly wealth through compliance with deception and tyranny is a … dead end.


  2. Peg Matite says:

    Does anyone know how I can sent information to Tony?
    I have images that he would want related to climate but I can’t find an email.
    I would post them here, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of attaching files.


  3. arn says:

    Here for those who still think Ukraine
    is run and controlled by by Nazis
    and not by globalists from the USA
    who started the revolution in Ukraine with the CiA and NED


    Also listen to the WEF shill from the most corrupt and intransparent country at 1:39 .
    The chick next to this WEF young leader imposter at the beginning is Samantha Powers.
    She is the wife of Obamas Harvard prof(it”s a small small world )
    and just like Nuland she avoids using her husbands name to hide the obvious connections.

  4. dm says:

    https://www.palisadestahoe.com/mountain-information/snowfall-tracker caused me to wonder which winters between 2000 & the present can be attributed to Mann-made climate change, rather than weather? Those with MUCH above average snow accumulations (2022-23, 2018-19, 2016-17, 2015-16, 2010-11 and 2005-06) or those with below average accumulations?

    For clarity’s sake, the question mocks ALARMISTS.

  5. GWS says:

    Twice the “normal”? — Whenever I hear an appeal to “normal” in referring to California’s weather I know I’m being lied to.

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