Wyoming April Fools

The concept of springtime in Wyoming is pretty much a joke. This is what it looks like here today.

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2 Responses to Wyoming April Fools

  1. Bob G says:

    I live near St Cloud Minnesota and as of yesterday our snow totals for the season was at 79 inches which put us at 4th all time snowiest. it’s now Saturday morning and we’ve received another 7 inches and it’s going to snow for two more hours and more snow is in the forecast for next week… we’re definitely going to break the all time record for most snow in one season. hey al gore, where is that planetary fever???? 😁

  2. dm says:

    Gaia played a similar April Fools joke on mid Maine. 18″ of ice still covers our lake. Several inches of snow cover the forest floor. And, a windy winter mix made being outside miserable.

    Most locals hope for global (or at least regional) warming;-}

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