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“Climate action can’t wait”

Biden is once again using “climate” to divide America and distract attention away from the very real problems he created.

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“climate change keeps you up at night”

“Climate anxiety, or eco-anxiety, is distress related to worries about the effects of climate change. It is not a mental illness. Rather, it is anxiety rooted in uncertainty about the future and alerting us to the dangers of a changing … Continue reading

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“to rely on the wind is to rely on Satan’s mercy!”

“THE FLYING DUTCHMAN   Romantic opera in three acts to rely on the wind is to rely on Satan’s mercy!” Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (Libretto – english) h/t Latimer Alder

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That Didn’t Take Long

Sabine Hossenfelder imagines that the lives of hundreds of millions of people depends on her opinion about CO2. I pointed out the absurdity of her position, so she blocked me.

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Fake UHI Correction At Buenos Aires

UHI at Buenos Aires corrupts most the temperature data in South America.  NOAA claims that they partially mitigate the problem through homogenization, but they don’t. Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (v4)

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