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Magical Government Scientists

Someone sitting at a desk at NOAA has determined that a rural station at Bouar in the Central African Republic, needs to have its data altered to turn a flat trend into six degrees of warming. Measured Adjusted

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Renowned Climate Scientists Speak Out

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8C Warming In Antarctica

In 1984, NASA’s James Hansen predicted 8C warming in Antarctica due to increased CO2.  There has been no warming in Antarctica since then. Wayback Machine RSS_TS_channel_TLT_Southern Polar_Land_and_Sea_v03_3.png (440×240)

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Hot Winter

NOAA predicted a warm January-March for the US Climate Prediction Center – Seasonal Outlook And this is what we are getting. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Record Climate Fakery In The Congo

Like other climate activists, a small handful of people at NASA and NOAA have decided they have the right to destroy work done by much greater people in the past,

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Record Climate Fakery In The Congo

The DRC is three times the size of Texas.  NOAA often reports record heat there despite not having any actual data. map-percentile-mntp-202311.png (990×765) 202311.png (990×765) There is no recent data in the DRC outside of NDJILI_INTL, which is one of … Continue reading

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