Heating Adelaide

Thermometers show that Adelaide summers have been cooling for 150 years, but NOAA tampers with the data to turn a cooling trend into a warming trend.

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4 Responses to Heating Adelaide

  1. Ivan G Wainwright says:

    Adelaide must be quite some town, having an airport in the eighteen-fifties!

    • Jack the Insider says:

      According to Leftards, Aboriginals had advanced industry and farming technology for 1,000’s of years. Maybe it was an airport for boomerangs in the 1850’s ???

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Warming the data is a public service; It is cheaper than heating the houses.

  3. Oztruthseeker says:

    Those claims about Australian Aborigines have been debunked repeatedly by multiple scholars and real experts, as have the claims of the main proponent of such rubbish to be of Aboriginal descent- the tribes he claims to belong to deny he comes from them and there is not a single Aboriginal in his family tree, indeed people claiming to be of indigenous descent who are not is a problem here even actual Aborigines have complained about. But such false claims may have been a minor factor in the defeat of the Voice referendum here which is a good thing.

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