RFK Jr’s Plan For $12 Gas

Taxpayers have paid seven billion dollars for seven electric charging stations, and RFK Jr. wants $12/gallon gas to force consumers into purchasing EV’s .

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34 Responses to RFK Jr’s Plan For $12 Gas

  1. So we levy a huge environmental tax on fuel to render electrical vehicles cost-competitive, but ignore all environmental damage caused by the extraction of lithium, cobalt, niodynium, etc., and indeed the emissions of the fossil fuel driven power stations needed to charge the vehicles Give the ‘green’ technology a fee lunch, through subsidies and ignoring decommissioning costs, and tax cheap energy. That is not how free markets work.

    • Robertvd says:

      In a Federal Reserve controlled centrally planned economic system there can be no Free Market.

      All the crisis on this planet are invented to keep that system afloat. The Federal Reserve military–industrial complex.

  2. roaddog says:

    Completely irrational, based on the fact that oil prices are set in world-wide markets.

    • arn says:

      His rational thought is : Californias gas revenues are plummeting as result of EV increase – and this will happen all over US .
      To compensate this trend and increase revenue to subsidize even more EVs the increase is necessary.
      Btw – 12 $ is n not the goal but just the beginning.

      • Robertvd says:

        The inflation of the fiat money supply (”to stimulate the economy”) is killing the dollar. Destroying your savings and crashing the purchasing power of the dollar. 12 dollars and much higher will be reality even without extra taxes. In fact inflation IS a tax.

  3. arn says:

    It is obvious that it was never intended to have a nationwide coverage with charging stations when a single one costs 1 billion to built.
    The green energy corruption has reached vaccine levels and makes even Ukraine and Zelensky look honorable.

    And RFK junior?
    As long as his children do not become victims of an Agenda he will not only follow but push every official narrative incl. reperations for black people – How about reperations for the families of the 12mio + victims of USA wars who have actually been harmed by the US instead of reperations who do harm to themselves?
    Can’t buy votes in foreign countries.

  4. Laurie says:

    I believe, if having a discussion with him, people would arrive at a more proximal alignment on the questions. Sigh – communication is chiefly a problem of the will.

  5. Francis Barnett says:

    I’m assuming from what I read that the majority of cars in the US are gasoline fuelled, is there any availability of diesel powered cars there? Diesel fuel will be with us everywhere for many years for heavy trucks, farm tractors, contractor’s plant, fishing boats, and harvesters even if it ever does get replaced at all, so very little chance of diesel becoming scarce.

    • D. Boss says:

      Two points:
      1) there are plenty of diesel vehicles in the US, though gasoline powered vehicles outnumber diesel by about 3x. It has been constant for several decades.

      2) no diesel will not be around if the green nuts get their way in banning hydrocarbon fuels. For every barrel of crude oil, 45% of it is refined into gasoline and only 29% is refined into diesel. The remainder is turned into plastics and chemicals. So you see you cannot get diesel unless you also produce gasoline. (and technically the 29% is distillate, which comprises diesel, jet fuel, and fuel oil used in heating and industry – so the proportion of diesel from a barrel of crude oil is much lower)

      • Francis Barnett says:

        You do not necessarily have to produce gasoline to get diesel.

        Europe has been used to diesel powered cars for 30-40 years, roughly 50% are diesel nowadays, better economy, better torque, the latest Euro6d emission standard is very close to the comparable gas engine standard.

        I haven’t owned or driven a gas engined car for about 24 years.

        Diesel won’t die, you can’t power construction equipment, tractors, combine harvesters, logging equipment, trucks, and fishing boats with batteries, apart from the charging problem after an hours use, the weight increase with batteries would render them unusable on soft soil, and there are no charging points at sea!

        • D. Boss says:

          No, you cannot use fractional distillation to refine crude oil, and produce diesel without the lighter fractions being collected. You can combine some lighter fractions to make heavier ones, but that is cost and energy prohibitive.

          And no Europe has about the same ratio of petrol to diesel passenger vehicles as does N America:


          Read from the above link, Diesel is roughly 30% as it is in the US.

          I agree diesel is imperative for goods transportation, mining, construction, etc. But as a fuel for passenger cars, it sucks in my view. It stinks, it is more polluting (particulates and sulfur compounds and NOx) and is a pain to work on compared to petrol engines. And it costs from 150% to 200% more than gasoline, in part because there is less available from the crude oil distillation.



          You are correct that without diesel, society grinds to a halt, but you are incorrect that diesel can be produced without all the other products and feedstocks that arise from the distillation and cracking process applied to the crude oil.

          And if the green nut bars got their way, banning all hydrocarbon fuels (I refuse to call them fossil fuels because mounting evidence shows there are abiotic sources deep within the earth, that are not the result of dead trees and animals) – banning all hydrocarbon fuels is a recipe for destroying human civilization and killing billions of people.

      • Robertvd says:

        No private jets no IPCC meetings or Davos.

  6. Gamecock says:

    Jr is a totalitarian. He publicly called for locking up vaccine “deniers.”

    He has some good ideas, but so did Hitler.

  7. Richard E Fritz says:

    after living a life of a spoiled ELITE he is so disconnected from the real world – no wonder 9 or more family members urged people not to vote for him

  8. Billyjack says:

    I am constantly amazed that no one states the obvious that EVs will put more of the “lethal” CO2 into the atmosphere than using gasoline. The only potential source of incresed electrical power generation for EV’s after Barry is natural gas. The burning of natural gas will require about 2 times the energy to charge a battery that is in a gallon of gasoline to go the same distance in an EV. Windmills and solar panels will never replace fossil fuels for electrical power generation, nuclear could, but Barry shut down Yucca mountain in 2009 to prohibit that capacity.

  9. Michael Abbott says:

    $4 a mile for ICE cars?

  10. Michael L Dee says:

    I wonder if “Junior” will talk about the actual cost of Net Zero energy.

    A study was done last year showing that the cost of Net Zero (using 20 years of California data) would be $1065/MWH.

    Conventional power costs $45/MWH.

    I don’t think “Junior” will talk about that.

    BTW, didn’t “Junior” advocate the jailing of people who disputed the Climate Catastrophism narrative? Why YES, he did. Many times.

  11. Ulric Lyons says:

    Wow! so the imaginary “true costs” of healthcare and crop failures from dirty fossil fuels is more than the cost of the fossil fuels? What a joker! abusing the word “truth” just like Extinction Rebellion.

  12. Disillusioned says:

    RFK Jr. reminds me of a Trojan Horse who isn’t aware he is the horse.

    I had reserved, cynical hope for him. But I’m afraid he is a lost cause. I bought his vaccine book, and it was excellent. I began to see him as disillusioned with politics and the marriage of big corporations, educators, government regulators, scientisim… and I hoped he could make the leap from the CoVax Scam and apply the logic to the Climate Scam – both of which fit nicely.

    Well, he has proven he cannot. Instead, he has proven he is a useful idiot sucker doing the bidding for the globalists. I am fairly confident he views himself as an ex-Democrat white knight for the little guy. But he is allowing the enemy – the globalists – to think for him when it comes to natural sciences and things like Climate Scam – they are plucking his strings, playing him like a fiddle and a puppet.

    • arn says:

      I already said last year: too little,too late as he had decades to call things out.

      There is always the question why someone has to become so old to enter the real spotlight.
      While we can excuse Bernie Sanders for not having a big name (yet a cheap excuse as he already had a significant base decades ago),
      RFK could have entered the big game decades ago.
      There is no way he’d been scared of lightweights like Gore and Kerry.

      He literally did the same thing as Cornel West, without exposing himself so much as idiot as Cornel did.

      • Disillusioned says:

        …too little,too late as he had decades to call things out.

        Good point. At least RFK Jr. has been consistent. (It was I who naively and ignorantly held out a smidgeon of hope that he could have some disillusionment concerning his climate stance.)

        He is not nearly as disappointing as the many Republicans who have run for office on a platform of promises of all the good they’re going to do – and who, once in office – immediately turned their backs on their campaign promises (and subsequently, their constituents).

  13. Laurie says:

    When was that video recorded? Formally, I don’t agree with his position as stated – but at the same time my father was a millwright, God rest his soul, he died of bone marrow cancer – among other jobs he kept the machines, the equipment operating, so I cannot be silent and ignore the rruths in warning the public of the actual costs that money willfully ignores.

    No offence intended, but I’ve been rrally missing my dad in these days.


    • Disillusioned says:

      OT: Laurie, Thank you for sharing that bit of raw tenderness. I felt it as I read it.

      I miss my father also. I miss the relationship that was never cultivated. His wall was always up. Though I really yearned for a relationship, as protection I learned to put up a wall, also. After he died, the finality that it was now too late to ever have an intimate relationship with him hit me hard.

      I am grateful to have a good relationship with my mother, in her late 80s. We never finish a phone call without saying we love each other.

  14. Francis Barnett says:

    Replying to D Boss about diesel cars US v Europe (specifically France where I live)
    Your link referred to new registrations not car population.

    38,379000 total passenger cars in france https://www.statista.com/statistics/452449/european-countries-number-of-registered-passenger-cars/ 2021 data

    21,746000 total diesel powered cars in france https://www.statista.com/statistics/789819/private-car-fleet-diesel-france/ 2020 data
    So on those figures 56% of private cars in France are diesel powered.
    There have always been a high proportion of diesel cars in France due to the historically high price of petrol (gasoline) diesels are much more economical.
    However, nowadays, the price of diesel v petrol is close.
    I just checked and diesel is cheaper than petrol. !! It can vary though.
    Road diesel is €1.629/litre and the cheapest shitty petrol (10% ethanol) is €1.741/litre

    And no, our diesel cars do not stink, combustion technology is more advanced in Europe than the US, due to the the historic cheap gasoline prices in US, not much work has ever been done in the US on making small diesel vehicles acceptable.

    Our cars are a Honda Accord 2.2 CDTI type S tourer 180 hp RHD- Japan manufactured 2014 – Euro 5 emission rules (not similar to a USA Accord)

    And a Dacia Duster (part of Renault) 1.5 dci 115 hp LHD 4×4 (small SUV utility car) Euro 6d emission rules with adblu urea exhaust injection to reduce NO2 emissions.


  15. arn says:

    Google makes it harder to find your website – wonder if this is just a temporary and/or local problem or the beginning of cancelling?

  16. Francis Barnett says:

    Put a link to this site on your favourites? Or use DuckDuckGo?

    • arn says:

      Can’t change Browser on this device.

      Duck duck go cancelled Tony already years ago iirc.
      (but I finallyput it on my favorites )

      • Rabelad says:

        Well, it seems like he’s back on Duck-Duck-Go as i just put in a search for the site and it came up right away.

  17. Francis Barnett says:

    I had a problem today getting a YT video to play, It would come up on the screen as a still image, but wouldn’t play, if I kept clicking on the play arrow it would advance one frame at a time. Two solutions found on the net. One is to use incognito mode on chrome – it plays without adverts. The other is to switch off the chrome anti-you tube-advert extension I had downloaded a few days ago.

    • arn says:

      YT has developed several strategies against ad blockers by either trying to slow down your PC,by delaying the start or by skipping the vids instantly to the end.

  18. smapple says:

    Why is this guy being so shielded by the press on both sides? The leftist press only tries to show the stuff that he agrees with conservatives on to make him the anti-Biden and therefore not worthy of Democrat votes. The right only shows stuff where he agrees with conservatives to make him an alternative to those who dislike Biden. Stuff like anti-vax
    and big Pharma, etc. Nobody talks about the crazy stuff in the middle where he wants to jail “climate deniers”. Or provide reparations to blacks. Or all that other crazy stuff he is in to.

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