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A Closer Look At What Gavin Schmidt Is Hiding In The Arctic

By the 1930’s and 1940’s, the Arctic had warmed 10 degrees, the glaciers of Norway and Alaska had lost half their mass, the glaciers of Greenland and Norway were nearing catastrophic collapse, and glaciers were disappearing all over the world. … Continue reading

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Mosher Busted By Gavin Schmidt, Zeke Hausfather And Nick Stokes

Mosher is afraid to come over here, and is posting more nonsense on WUWT. Dirty bird carcasses tell the story of how air pollution has improved in the last 100 years | Watts Up With That? Mosher’s stupidity and dishonesty … Continue reading

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Ten Years Into The Gavin Schmidt Permanent Lake Powell Drought

Ten tears ago, NASA’s top climate guru, Gavin Schmidt announced the Lake Powell permanent drought. And like all good snake oil salesmen, Gavin offered a cure which required billions or trillions of dollars. Gavin’s Climate Book Despite draining the lake … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun Of Fraud By NASA And Gavin Schmidt

Almost 60 years ago, President Eisenhower in his farewell speech warned that science and policy is in danger of being taken over by a small group of people in academia, funded by the Federal Government, and they would replace observation with … Continue reading

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Time For NASA To Terminate Gavin Schmidt

The New York Times is going off-chart with their climate lies, egged on by top climate fraudster Gavin Schmidt of NASA. They say the Arctic is hot and global warming is making people starve in Africa. Exact opposite of Gavin’s Arctic claims, … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt Explains Why NOAA Data Tampering Is Illegitimate

NOAA has been rapidly losing station temperature data in recent years, and now more than 40% of their US data is fake. If they don’t have temperature data at a station in particular month, they simply make it up. Their … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt : Erasing The Unanimous Global Cooling Consensus

In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences showed about 0.5C cooling in the Northern Hemisphere from 1938 to 1968. 1975 National Academy Of Sciences Report A 1977 surface station study reported in Nature, showed the same thing.  This was confirmed … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt : Removing The 1940’s Blip

1975 National Academy Of Sciences Report The 1975 National Academy of Sciences report showed  a large amount of warming in the northern hemisphere from 1880 to 1940, followed by an almost equally large amount of cooling to 1970. NASA has … Continue reading

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Northern Hemisphere Temperature Fraud From Gavin Schmidt

Thirty-nine years ago today, experts reported a northern hemisphere cooling trend of 0.1C to 0.2C per decade from 1950 to 1975. The report, prepared by German, Japanese and American specialists, appears in the Dec. 15 issue of Nature, the British journal. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Present For Gavin Schmidt

According to Gavin Schmidt at NASA, global warming didn’t begin until the mid-1970s. His graph below shows that the 1970’s were barely warmer than 1880, with only minor fluctuations in temperature between 1880 and 1970. Global_Mean_Estimates_based_on_Land_and_Ocean_Data I annotated Gavin’s fake graph … Continue reading

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